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Welcome to PatrickStuart.com or really patrickstuart.stuarttech.com.Anyway, you found your way here… Home of the Random Thoughts, Rants and Raves directly from the mind of Patrick Stuart.Over the next several posts I will be introducing myself a bit more, and basically just posting whatever I feel.I own Stuarttech.com and Patrickstuart.com and use them for my own personal use. They are not businesses as of yet, as I am gainfully employed, but one never knows what might come of that.Anyway, enough for now, drop me an email if you read this…

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  • paul jones

    Hello, I have been trying to figure out how to get out of my contract with dish network due to the problems (all true and factual) I have listed in my letter below. I found your site while I was researching how and where to respond to the company. Here is my letter to the company, and any advice you can offer will be helpful. Thanks
    To DishNetwork,
    I have been a customer of yours for going on 2 years now. I work 2 jobs and do not have much time for television personally. I chose dishnetwork for my family and for the rental units at our home. I have noticed over the past year that whenever it rains and/or whenever there is heavy cloud cover, the satellite connection is lost anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.
    My tenants have complained to me on occasion, but I have not had the time till now to respond. Recently our son came to live with us and he became very vocal about the services (which he financially contributes to) dishnetwork provides.
    We live in the uppermost section of Wailua Homesteads on the island of Kauai here in Hawaii. Mt. Waialeale is at our backdoor, and is also wellknown geographically and scientifically as the “wettest place in the world”. Thus the rainfall and clouds are much of the time fairly constant yearround. Unfortunately this weather condition interferes with the satellite connection fairly constantly, often many times throughout the day and evening.
    My son Jason now calls me regularly saying “it’s out again, …. why are we paying for this …… we are getting ripped off” ……..
    We have been honoring our end of the agreement by paying for these inadequate services on time and without delay, and yet we have been receiving very unsatisfactory product, often with lost connections and regular interferences.
    Everyone on the island of Kauai knows of Mt.Waialeale and what it represents. If your salesstaff here on Kauai would have warned us that due to the climactic conditions there would be regular interference then we could have considered other options.
    To date we have payed you close to $2,000.00 for this service. Based on the situation, we feel it would be fair and appropriate that dishnetwork offer us financial compensation in the form of a 50% reimbursement.
    I call upon your business integrity and sense of fairplay to righten this situation.
    Paul Jones
    309 Aina Loli Place
    Kapaa HI 96746