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Well, here it is the big day… WWF’s Annual Royal Rumble.Yes, your’s truely is a WWF fan and can’t wait to see tonight’s events.Everyone always asks me, why do you watch that garbage? Well to me, having the acting background and all, I see the WWF as very few outside the business do. It is theatre, theatre in its rawest forms. Theatre in the round, only its a squared circle with ropes.Give wresling a chance, watch it with the same eye as you watch a broadway show or your local civic theatre. You’ll find some of the hardest working, most physically fit, and more committed to their craft then anywhere else. These men and women are willing to go to extremes to but on a show.Tonight marks the return of HHH (Triple H or Hunter Hearst Helmsley)to the PPV (Pay Per View)which should make things very interesting. HHH’s story over the last 8 months is proof of the committment and desire these performers are willing to go through to get back into the ring. HHH torn his quadricep in the ring against Chris Jericho. He didn’t stop the match, didn’t lay down and wryth in agony. He continued the match, not knowing the extent of his injury. After the match he found his quadrecip had snapped up to his thigh! Well, after 8 months of 10 days of rehab and surgery, he’s back, looking just jacked and ready to rock. Amazing recovery from someone that doctors told would never get back into the ring. Just the proof of the dedication these guys have for their craft.Anyways, if you can, catch WWF Raw on Monday nights on TNN and WWF Smackdown on UPN.