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Well, I am… sort of. Actually my wife is. Now my kneejerk reaction was to upgrade my iPaq and give her mine. But at $500 for the new iPaq’s I decided that this probably wasn’t the best use of money.So I started looking around and found the Sony Clie’ PEG-T615C which looks pretty cool. Only problem is it isn’t available till the end of the month. So I guess its wait and let her look at it and see if its what she wants. Of course this on comes in at $400 but here’s the deal. We have a Sony Credit Card which earns us points towards Sony products. So I can buy down the cost of this thing to a very reasonable cost. I guess the only real question is, will I be able to find one when there are available? The only downside to the PEG-T615C is no “official support for Macintosh” which I wonder about. Frankly, alot of things aren’t official supported, but yet still work on a Macintosh. So I hope this will be able to work on her G4 using the Palm or Handspring Desktop interface. Otherwise, she’ll be using my PC for syncing and installing. Not a big deal really, but will test the Windows XP compatibilities :)Oh well… Guess its worth it, she loves my iPaq, plays games on it. But I know that’s not the real reason she wants one. I know she’ll use it for ToDo items, grocery lists, contacts, appointments and the finances. So it will get a lot of use, plus since its in color, we can resize a bunch of photos from our sony digital camera and store them on it so we don’t have to carry photos around, just show them on the great 320×320 65k color screen. Oh and it uses the same memory stick that the camera and video camera use, so that’s 3 devices plus all the computers that can read and write to memory sticks. Now if just my iPaq could use sony’s memory sticks I’d be in heaven.I know some of you are thinking, wait, you are such a PocketPC fan! Yeah, well, for me, my iPaq from Compaq has been a lifesaver, but for my wife, its overkill. And I know there won’t be any official or unofficial mac support for PocketPC’s anytime soon. So a Palm based PDA was my only choice. And even though the Clie doesn’t support mac’s I have a feeling that I’ll be able to sync it to a mac. Plus using my sony points helps offset the cost :)If you have any thoughts on what pda to get, drop me an email at