Are you watching 24 on Fox? 9

Wow, I’m watching 24 on Fox, and all I can say is this is one of the best shows on television right now. Too bad its only #59 in the ratings of top 100 shows, Keifer Sutherland does a great job and the way its shot, hour by hour in real time makes it stand out from all other shows.Of course you have to really see it from the beginning, but this show is a great show. Amazing story arch and wonderful acting. If you can’t see it on Tuesday nights, check the replay on Fridays on Fox.

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9 thoughts on “Are you watching 24 on Fox?

  • Rosemary

    I am totally hooked on “24”. Not only has Keifer Sutherland proven his acting talent, but the writers have really put a lot into this concept of “real time”. I also think that the role of the president is very well written and brings our country into the 21st century! I can’t wait until next Tuesday!

  • Kenn

    Hello Patrick,

    I am honored that you have a web site that allows me to interact with you. Your role as Jean-Luc Piccard on “Star Trek the Next Generation” made me aware of you abilities as an accomplished actor. From the moment I saw you take command of the Enterprise, I have been a fan. I would really love to sit down with you and have a cup of coffee (or Earl Grey, hot) the next time you are in the city.

    I appologize that I am not more eloquent at the moment, but I have been cramming for finals all week. I am afraid that my cognitive abilities have fallen well below their norm.

    Do you have an official fan club of mailing list? I would be elated to see you in all of your films, and enthralled to see you perform live.

    A devoted fan,


  • Patrick


    Sorry to let you down, but this is not Patrick Stewart from Star Trek. I’m afraid you have mis-spelled his name and arrived at my personal site.

    I have no association with Mr. Stewart and am not aware if he has any fan club or anything.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Patrick Stuart
    Owner of

  • Beth

    Hey Patrick,

    I find I have run out of friends who actually tape 24 and I missed the last episode 10-11pm. The official website recommends asking friends for copies of the show as they are not doing encore showings this year. I would be happy to send a video tape and a few bucks for shipping to a “friend” who could put this episode on tape. Possible? If it’s OK, I’ll post my e-mail address.