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I finally did it! I sold my car!!! Well, almost, its a verbal deal right now… The other party has to arrange money through their credit union so it won’t happen before Tuesday at the earliest.But, after 10 months of having it on CarSoup I sold it…Not comes the hard part… Buying a new car…Fret not, it looks like a dream of mine is going to finally come true. I am going to get a new Jeep Liberty. I’ve always wanted a Jeep, but the last time I bought a car (1996) I just couldn’t afford a Cherokee and a Wrangler was just not practical for me. So along comes the Liberty, with the looks of a Wrangler crossed with a Grand Cherokee and the ride of a car… Mmmm, well, guess I need to see just what a “Jeep Thing” is…Anyway, looks like this week will be dealing with car salesmen… With the biggest decision being spending the extra and going full out or going with the Sport version? I’ll let you know what comes of it.