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I don’t normally do this, but this needs to be addressed… Check this link out and follow the instructions… Removing Brilliant Digital Entertainment’s KaZaA-bundled software: a guide

Do this now! For those that are not up on the internet… Spyware and/or Scumware are hidden programs included with most “free” programs.

However, unlike a virus, these programs can and do track your clicks online / offline. They also have the ability to track keystrokes, web viewing habits, even access your harddrive and all the files. Brilliant Networks has included its B3D projector software with various downloadable programs (mainly KaZaa Media Desktop) and is probably one of the worst overt offenders as it relates to spyware or scumware.

Immediately go to LavaSoft and download Ad-Aware 5.71 which will detect and remove all known spyware / scumware programs.

Also go to and do a virus scan to insure your pc is clean.

Of course if you are reading this on a Mac, you don’t need to worry about this 🙂