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I made the journey to Des Moines, Iowa. About 4 hours of driving. Straight south.
Got to the location of Gnomedex 2002, the Marriot in Downtown Des Moines. Checked in. Dropped off the luggage in the room, called the wife and then headed to the “unofficial” welcome event at the bar called “Shooters”.

Not knowing anyone here, it was fun getting to know some of the people. Talked to Chris Pirillo, the host of the whole deal… Met his wife, Gretchen, who I’ve exchanged a few emails with. Also, saw Leo Laporte and Megan Maronine from The Screensavers on TechTV. Met a lot of other great folks as well. One from as far away as Okinawa, Japan.

Gnomedex 2002 looks like it will be a great show, don’t want to set any expectations, but if the “unofficial” welcome event is a preview… Then the event itself will be a great time.

Anyways, I’ll be giving some reports throughout the next couple of days, including some pictures. Stay tuned…