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I’m back from Gnomedex 2002, and what a blast! Last night was great, the chance to hear Doc Searls, Evan Williams and Leo Laporte all in one afternoon just takes the cake.

I’ve gotten several cool ideas that came out of listening to all the speakers, as well as the great opportunity to talk to them after the speaches. What other conference gives you total access to its speakers. Gnomedex had no elitism amongst the group or its presenters. Sure, there were separate groups but I think everyone went out of their way to make sure they met new people and had a good time.

I’ll probably post more information on my ideas at a later date, for now, they are “development secrets”. Hehe, sounds cool anyway.

I have some more pictures to wrap up the event and close up the coverage of Gnomedex, but you’ll have to wait for those. I’ll try to put them all in one comprehensive area for your viewing pleasure.