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Here it is… My final thoughts, after having a week or so to digest a great conference and its content.

First off, The Presenters. Top Notch! From Leo Laporte’s Keynote (at the end of all places) to Doc Searls and his adventures in Linuxland…

I was quite impressed with Rob Rosenberger vs. Steve Gibson (even though I side with Steve, Rob put on a great show).

Ev from Blogger did a good job.

Phil “Pud” Kaplan (F’d and Mark Thompson (AnalogX) showed that even today you can succeed in .com’s. These two were probably polar opposites in philosophy of business and programming, but both are models of success in today’s internet.

Even the ASP (Association of Shareware Providers) did a decent job presenting their side. Though I don’t agree with paying for something I’d code in a few lines, a lot of people out there don’t have the skills but have the dough to pay for the shareware. The few pieces of shareware I have bought have been to reward the author(s) because they did put out a great or solid piece.

All in all… A great show, gave me some great ideas, thought starters, but most of all, hope. The future is now, we are just about to see a huge shift in the Tech world.

The dinosaurs are almost done, its time for us to take over 🙂