Yes, Dear! CBS Mondays 8

Anthony Clark is back in his second season in Yes, Dear! This show goes for the niche market with the run of the mill sitcom formula. However, even though this falls into the “formula” it pulls it off effortlessly and features some of the best sitcom writing and acting of the genre. This show is frequently overlooked but contains some of the best work in my opinion.
It could just be that I can relate to Greg (Anthony Clark) and I see alot of my wife in Kim (Jean Louisa Kelly) and the comedy writings see to summarize my situation to a “T”.
Yes Dear! is an under-rated Sitcom that deserves greater attention and respect. Tune in and check it out for yourself.

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8 thoughts on “Yes, Dear! CBS Mondays

  • Anne Hopkins

    I really enjoy the show. I would like to know what the name of Mike O’Malleys character is on this show. I think it is Gregg’s brother in-law and I enjoy his actions and comments a lot. but I can never catch their names on the credits about who is who. I want to enter the Sweepstakes but at this time I don’t know the answer.

    It is a good show though and I watch it every week. I hope it stays on and doesn’t go the way of so many of your good programs.

  • RJW

    I’m going to wholeheartedly DISagree with your assessment. “Yes, Dear!” is the lamest, most unfunny sitcom I’ve ever had to suffer through on a health club treadmill. The writing is terrible, the actors just plain bad and the direction almost non-existent, as if the cameras are just turned on and someone yells “Just start the scene!”

    Anthony Clark and Jean Louisa Kelly have zero chemistry– ZERO. Zilch. None. Mike O’Malley should be considered a weapon of mass destruction of laughs and banned by some international governing council from ever performing in public again. A recent episode with Vicki Lawrence and Tim Conway was so bad, you could actually see the pain on their faces to say the awful lines they were given and to share a soundstage with the charisma- and charm-free regulars on this bomb.

    CBS’ sitcoms in general stink, but this one is easily their worst. Time to flush this inexplicable floater– NOW!!

  • Patrick

    Well, that’s the great thing about this country… You have every right to disagree… I enjoy it, you don’t…

    It also continues to pull in decent ratings, so others are still watching it as well, even with the time slot switch.

    We’ll see if it gets renewed…

  • Jennifer Gerber

    I think “Yes Dear” is the lamest show I’ve seen in a long time. Hackneyed scenarios, tired old gender stereotypes, paper thin plots. There’s nothing creative about it. The characters are whiny, shallow, sarcastic, and completely unlikeable. I think this show could only amuse the most undemanding of viewers.

  • kathy hammond

    I think yes dear is a great show my grandchildren watch the show and they have learned alot from the children on the show plus it gives me a good laugh.