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I recently purchased the Sony Playstation 2 Network Adapter which brings the PS2 to the online world. Right now only a few games support network play but that’s changing quickly. The only one I’ve played is Madden 2003.

The set-up for the network adapter was very simple. A CD walks you through the process of setting up accounts or in my case enabling ethernet. It has both a modem (56k dialup) and an ethernet adapter (10baseT) to ensure that everyone has a chance to get online. However, the real solid online capabilities come from ethernet (broadband). I’ve played about 20 or so games of Madden 2003 with little or no lag or delays, however the few times I’ve played against someone with a modem on dialup, its really laggy. Now it is entirely possible that playing against someone with a dialup with another dialup account might be better then broadband. It’s really hard to tell…

The PS2 network adapter will bring many great games to a whole new level allowing multiplayer where that was once only in the PC realm.

Update: I’ve purchased SOCOM: Navy Seals which is another great online game for the PS2 and it works great. However its only for broadband. It comes with a usb headset to communicate via voice to other people online. Adds another whole new dimension to online games. Also, stay tuned for the Everquest game from Sony which I can’t talk about, but will be the first Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) for the PS2.