Playstation 2 Network Adapter 322

I recently purchased the Sony Playstation 2 Network Adapter which brings the PS2 to the online world. Right now only a few games support network play but that’s changing quickly. The only one I’ve played is Madden 2003.

The set-up for the network adapter was very simple. A CD walks you through the process of setting up accounts or in my case enabling ethernet. It has both a modem (56k dialup) and an ethernet adapter (10baseT) to ensure that everyone has a chance to get online. However, the real solid online capabilities come from ethernet (broadband). I’ve played about 20 or so games of Madden 2003 with little or no lag or delays, however the few times I’ve played against someone with a modem on dialup, its really laggy. Now it is entirely possible that playing against someone with a dialup with another dialup account might be better then broadband. It’s really hard to tell…

The PS2 network adapter will bring many great games to a whole new level allowing multiplayer where that was once only in the PC realm.

Update: I’ve purchased SOCOM: Navy Seals which is another great online game for the PS2 and it works great. However its only for broadband. It comes with a usb headset to communicate via voice to other people online. Adds another whole new dimension to online games. Also, stay tuned for the Everquest game from Sony which I can’t talk about, but will be the first Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) for the PS2.

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  • Patrick

    Sorry, Smackdown Shut your mouth is not able to play online… An online WWE wrestling game would certainly be cool, I’m sure its not too far off. However, I’d hate to see what lag would look like in the game.

  • jeremy

    Hey Patrick, my name is jeremy sand, and i work on the newspaper staff at my high school. I was wondering if I could quote you, as I am currently working on a story on the network adapter. Please let me know. Thanks.

  • Patrick

    Yes, the network adapter will work with Road Runner or any other broadband connection.

    You will need to either split your connection or get a broadband router with a 4 port switch and run an ethernet cable to your PS2. Otherwise the only thing on the “net” will be the PS2.

  • Patrick

    Yes you can hook up a ps2 via wireless.

    There are a couple of ways to do this, none really inexpensive though…

    First option is to not get the ps2 network adapter, but instead get a linksys wireless usb adapter which if you do a google search, you’ll find instructions on how to set it up.

    Second option, is to set up a wireless bridge to the ps2.

    What you need is the ps2 adapter, 2 of the same wireless access points capable of being configured as a bridge. Hook up one AP at the internet connection, and then the other AP near the PS2. Then you need to use a cross over ethernet cable from the access point to the ps2.

  • josh

    What games can you play online? Only the new ones that have come out since it’s release? I have Unreal Tournament, and i think it has some kind of network option, can you play it online? I have been thinking of getting one, but don’t have the $ for both the adapter and games. Thank you for any advice you can help with.

  • Patrick

    There are only a few games right now that support network play but that list is growing quickly.

    One’s I’ve played or know about:
    Madden 2003
    NFL 2k3
    NBA Live 2003
    SOCOM Navy Seals
    Twisted Metal Black online (free via card w/ Network adapter)
    Tony Hawk 4(?)

    Games to keep an eye out for:
    Everquest Adventures Online

    Be also careful when it says online play or network play. Some early games were able to hook 2 or more PS2’s via a Firewire or iLink cable not the Network adapter. I think Unreal tournament is this way, but not 100% sure.

  • Chuck

    My son wants to play the Navy Seals game on-line. While I have not seen the network adapter yet, I am assuming that it still requires a capable or DSL modem with a patch through cable to the adapter. Is this correct? His room does not have a broadband modem yet (not going to move all his game gear to my office either!) so I am looking for the complete picture on what’s needed to get him up and running. Thanks.

  • Patrick


    Here’s my reccommendation…

    Get a 4 port broadband router, like the ones from Linksys. This plugs into the cable/dsl modem and then you can plug multiple devices in the remaining 4 ports. You’d plug your office computer into one and the PS2 network adapter into the other.

    You’ll just have to run a long CAT 5e cable to his room and you’ll be all set. The downside is the router will cost you $50 and the long cable about $30 plus the network adapter $40 for a total of $120. The upside is you’ll have added security of a firewall in the router vs having your computer always on the internet and you could always add other computers to your net connection too.

  • mike

    patrick im having problems getting online. i run the istall disk and it says im online. when i put game in i cant connect can u help me out here thx

  • Patrick


    Sorry you are having problems, but in order to help you, I’m going to need some more information:

    What game:
    What kind of connection (cable/dsl/dialup):
    If Cable/DSL, what kind of router:
    What ISP:

  • Roy

    Hey! I recently purchased a Network Adapter. WOW! Very very good deal! I am highly satisfied. Easy set-up. Everything you could want is all here. I do have 1 question though…

    I see on the back of the network adapter, the part where you plug it into your PlayStation 2, that there seems to be something for a hard drive. Is this in fact what it is for? If so, can I just hook up a hard drive to it and use it? Or does it have to be a special Sony PS2 hard drive? Thank You for your time, I appreciate it.

  • Patrick


    You are correct, that is a Hard drive slot. However, you can’t just hook up any hard drive. The file format and connectors are just a bit different to make it work.

    Look for Sony to have the Hard drive option sometime this year (2003) as games that will need it will come out.

    As of right now, no games would use it and you can’t access it right now anyways, but when a game like Final Fantasy XI hits the USA it should need the hard drive.

    Sony does have a Linux PS2 kit which converts your PS2 into a linux box which does come with a hard drive. However, you can only use linux on it and not play PS2 games after you convert it.

  • Gretchen

    Ok. I too am having problem connection ps2 to online. I bought a EC (rj45) and connected directly from my EC on the back of the Toshiba PCX2200 cable modem directly to the ps2 NA. I tried automatic, I tried manual. No luck. I do not have log on to my internet connection (just turn on the computer hit IE and your there) so no login should be required. I purshased a linsys router, but the guy at Linsys told me I could hook up through the Ethernet connection on the back of the cable modem. No matter how many boards I’ve spent hours reading, no luck. I even did the unplug the modem and turn off the ps2, then reconnect thing….anybody got any advise? I’ve been doing this all day!

  • Patrick


    Not sure what an EC is, I know you said rj45, but are we talking about a straight network cat 5 cable or a cross over cable?

    All you need is a standard ethernet, cat 5e not a cross over cable from your cable modem and that should work. Try using the same cable you use for your computer to the PS2 NA and see if that works.

    If all else fails, you might have a faulty network adapter, try exchanging it at the store you bought it for another.

  • sam

    Instead of buying a 4 port broadband router like you suggested to chuck couuld i buy a seperate DSL modem then connnect that to the phone line in my room. If i did that could i play games online while my family surfs the web on our pc? How much would a seperate modem cost?

    Note- I have AOL DSL, if that matters

  • sam

    Instead of buying a 4 port broadband router like you suggested to chuck couuld i buy a seperate DSL modem then connnect that to the phone line in my room. If i did that could i play games online while my family surfs the web on our pc? How much would a seperate modem cost?

    Note- I have AOL DSL, if that matters

  • Patrick


    I don’t believe you could buy a second DSL modem and surf from another phone extension.

    If you had 2 phone lines into the house you could run 2 dsl modems but at double your current costs for AOL DSL.

    Your best bet is to get a router like the linksys and share the internet connection your dsl modem is already providing.

  • Bob

    I am thinking about buying the Sony PlayStation 2 Network Adapter but before I do I was wondering if I have a 56k dial-up will there be problems and stuff cause it is too slow? What games could I actually play? Is it free to play online other than having an internet provider? Can I play SOCOM with a 56K? Is DSL better for playing games? I know I asked a lot of questions, but I hope someone anwsers them.


  • Bob

    I am thinking about buying the Sony PlayStation 2 Network Adapter but before I do I was wondering if I have a 56k dial-up will there be problems and stuff cause it is too slow? What games could I actually play? Is it free to play online other than having an internet provider? Can I play SOCOM with a 56K? Is DSL better for playing games? I know I asked a lot of questions, but I hope someone anwsers them.


  • Bob

    I am thinking about buying the Sony PlayStation 2 Network Adapter but before I do I was wondering if I have a 56k dial-up will there be problems and stuff cause it is too slow? What games could I actually play? Is it free to play online other than having an internet provider? Can I play SOCOM with a 56K? Is DSL better for playing games? I know I asked a lot of questions, but I hope someone anwsers them.


  • Bob

    I am thinking about buying the Sony PlayStation 2 Network Adapter but before I do I was wondering if I have a 56k dial-up will there be problems and stuff cause it is too slow? What games could I actually play? Is it free to play online other than having an internet provider? Can I play SOCOM with a 56K? Is DSL better for playing games? I know I asked a lot of questions, but I hope someone anwsers them.


  • Philip Pham

    Hello Patrick,

    I recently bought the network adapter for the ps2. during installation with my linksys router set at dhcp the dns was anable to verify even though when I tested the connection it worked. I did some research and I read that I have to get a cross over cable connected to the router and manually give the ip address to the playstation 2, my question is i have a home network set at dhcp and if I manually set it for the ps2, will it conflict with my other pc’s at home.


  • Jim

    Hi! I’m having a bit of trouble setting up my network adaptor. I set up my friend’s with no problem (he has a D-link router and Verizon DSL). However, I can’t get mine to work (I have a linksys router and roadrunner cable). When I set up the connection, it takes a while to check the connection, then says that I’m online but cannot send registration data. When I try to connect with twisted metal black online, the card connects but then gets a fatal error. I also tried the games on the demo disc…they also connect but then have errors. I’ve tried both setting up my network with DHCP as well as manual configuration, and I also tried setting the PS2 as the DMZ host so it would be outside the firewall. Any ideas? Thanks for your help! –Jim

  • Patrick


    You don’t need a cross over cable to connect your PS2 to your cable modem.

    The only reason to get a cross over cable would be if you were bridging it from a wireless card.


    As for your situation, you might want to try a different cable or might have a faulty PS2 network card. I’d try a different cable first, then see if that works, if not, try to exchange the network card or try borrowing someone’s that works.



  • mitch

    dear he/she,
    I’m gonna get a ps2 network chip and my house is wireless and I use d-link and I have to buy the DWL-810+ can I get something cheaper is it compatible with linksys????
    i really need to know please awnser me!!

  • Patrick


    I’m afraid I can’t help you there, you’ll have to experiment yourself. Do a google search or check the manufacturer’s websites for more information if a specific product will work for what you want it to do.

    Worst case, buy the product from a store that has a good return policy, such as Circuit City which will allow you to return items without a penalty.

  • Socom adict

    I have all the requirements to run 2 ps2’s online at the same time …. how do I go about hooking up the router with my network adapters? HELP ME PLZZZZ!

  • mike

    My dad has broadband in his room, and has a router that he uses on his notebook too. Is there any way I can hook up a network adapter via wireless router?


  • Patrick

    Yeah, you can, but it’s somewhat complex. You’re dad probably has his notebook directly connected to the broadband modem.

    If its not using USB and is using Ethernet, then you could buy a few things to connect your ps2

    The easiest would be to buy a 4 port broadband router (w/ wireless if you want that built in). Then your dad would connect to the 4 port router and your ps2 would connect via the 2nd port.

    Now, to do that wirelessly. You would need a wireless bridge from the router to the ps2. I think linksys makes a usb wireless bridge specifically for this, mainly for the X-Box but I believe it might work for the ps2 as well.

    All up all in, it would cost you between 200-300 US dollars to get this all hooked up.

    A long CAT 5e cable might be a bit easier and cheaper way to go.

  • Sam Mook

    I have a question… I have a PS2 and a Linksys network adapter for it, hooked up to a Linksys 4port router with my computer hooked up to it also. I also have broadband…the question is when I play NBA Live 2003 it lets me challenge others but when the “creating connection” screen comes up it takes forever and never loads…why is this???

  • Patrick


    Good news on the twisted metal coupon being expired, though I’d send it in anyways…


    I have no idea if you can use AOLDSL (USB) on your PS2. I highly doubt it, but contact your vendor and ask.


    I don’t know why you can’t connect. My guess is you probably don’t have specific ports open on your Linksys Router. Online games need to have certain ports open in order to establish the game connection. Check the online help for what those ports might be as they differ for each game. Then check your router docs for how to open those ports.

  • Dante

    I just brought a PS2 network adapter, now i have Road Runner online cable service and it uses the USB ports on my computer, now i was wondering can i hook up a CAT 5 cable to my NIC cards or connect the CAT 5 to my Road Runner modem? My Xbox uses the NIC cards just fine and so can my PS2 right?


    On SOCOM right now, some people are sneaking online using a modem… I wonder how they do it. They find a way to trick the system into thinking they have broadband. How does anyone do something like that?

  • Patrick

    Yeah its possible… But really at the sacrifice of everyone else online.

    What it takes is setting up an ethernet connection to a pc that uses ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) and then the PC dials up to the internet.

    Please do not try this as it is probably not going to be enjoyable to play or for others to play with you.

  • Dante

    Hey Patrick it’s me again, look man i cannot get my PS2 online for nothing. I have Road Runner internet service and i just can’t seem to get my PS2 online. I got the damn CAT 5 cable connected it to the PS2 online adapter then into the back of my Road Runner online modem and everytime i make the PS2 look for my network connection it always says “Ethernet cable not connected to network” why is that man?! what the hell am i doing wrong? by the way my Road Runner modem is connected by using the USB ports on my computer, could that be it? Also i tried making my modem use the ethernet port on the back of my computer instead of the USB and that doesn’t seem to work, because when i tried to make it use it i couldn’t get online, but when i use that port to play my Xbox online with Xbconnect or Gamespy it works just perfectly. What is it man, do i have to change some configurations on my computer what? I brought Auto Modellista and the adapter at the same time hoping to play people online and it’s not happening, that’s the main reason i got the game. Yo Patrick if you live in NYC i will pay you to come over to fix this if you don’t live in NYC do you have any friends who do that can help me, i am willing to pay, i need to get this PS2 up and running online soon very soon.

  • Patrick


    Sorry that you are having so many problems. Not sure exactly what the problem might be. But the clue might be the fact that your computer doesn’t work with the ethernet side of the cable modem either.

    I’d start there. Maybe the cable modem doesn’t work when both the usb cable and ethernet are plugged in?

    As for paying me to fix it, I’d love to take you up on that, but unfortunately I am no where near NYC and don’t have a trip planned anytime soon.

    So, basically, try to get RR to help you connect your Computer to your Cable Modem via ethernet using DHCP, if you can get it to do that, then you should be able to do the same with the PS2.

    I’ve had a lot of success working with RR through troubleshooting connection issues. So I’d start there. If it can’t connect to your PC with Ethernet, it will never connect to the PS2 either.

    One last thing I’d suggest, is might want to try out a broadband router in between the PC /PS2 and the cable modem ethernet. See if the broadband router can attach to the cable modem and then your pc can attach to it and the router.

  • Patrick


    At this point, there is no software available to surf the web via your PS2. I haven’t heard of any either, but I’m sure there will be something, once the hard drive option is released.


    A router isn’t as complicated as it appears. I reccommend the Linksys series of Broadband routers. Get a 4 port Linksys Broadband router for under $50 and then its pretty straight forward.

    You take the ethernet connection from the back of the cable modem, into the WAN (Wide Area Network) port of the Linksys Router. Then there are 4 extra ports. Connect your Computer to one and your PS2 to the other.

    After you’ve connected all three, you should be able to connect to the internet on your computer via the Linksys router and configure any further options you might need to set up, but the defaults are good enough. Please change the default password though on the router to something you can remember for security reasons.

    Assuming that’s done, then run the PS2 connectivity setup on the CD that came with the Network adapter. Select the Server assigns me an IP address, ie DHCP and all should be good.

    Save that setup on your memory card, call it cable or whatever.

    Launch your game and play online.

    That then would be the exact setup I have, if it isn’t working for you, then I suggest you exchange the network adapter or check the cables in between the PS2 and router as there has to be a problem somewhere.

  • Dante

    And how do i get RR to switch it between ethernet using DHCP? i have Windows 2000 could that be the problem? I just don’t get it, how come my Xbox works just fine using that ethernet port in back of my computer? i’ve unplugged the USB wire when i connected with the ethernet wire but no results. Some suggested that i might need a router, but i got to know exactly how that thing works, what wires go into it then where do i plug that? i’m a 20 year old that is totally confused, i’m lost like a lil’ boy

  • Dante

    oh man i never worked with a router before, what exactly is that? what am i suppose to do with that? and how much does it cost? so i gotta attach the PC the PS2 and Modem? i don’t understand Patrick


    I was thinking of getting broadband so I could play socom online… but I’m not sure broadband is worth the money. I’d like you to tell me a step by step way on how to get on socom with a modem. I want to go on socom briefly like that. If it is good, I’ll get broadband. I want to try socom online with a modem before ordering broadband, because bb is quite expensive… Thanks! You can email me, if you like as a response at Thanks a lot!

  • Dante

    Hey Patrick i finally got my PS2 online, i play Auto Modellista and got my ass whooped, but hey it was my first time playing. I got online by plugging in my PS2 cable into the back of the modem then unplugging it, then out of nowhere my PS2 got all the info it needed, but now there is a problem. Ever since i restarted my modem so it can use the USB ports i haven’t been able to get my PS2 online, now what can be the problem? do i have to restart my modem again with the PS2 cable in it? because i wanna surf the web while playing PS2, i mean c’mon the PS2 uses the ethernet port while the Road Runner uses the USB, so ain’t it possible? How do you play Patrick?

  • Patrick


    Sorry, don’t know how to do it, and even if I did I’d ruin it for others, including myself. Sorry.


    That’s probably the way the Cable modem you have works. Mine is just straight ethernet, no USB. I suggest you use just the ethernet and get a router to share the connection. Or have to reset the modem each time you want one or the other.

  • Dante

    In order for me to play PS2 online i gotta keep reseting my modem for 30 secs with the PS2 cable in it, crazy huh? I only have one ethernet port on my cable modem, so i guess i do need a router. Also i was trying to type in Auto Modellista with the on screen keyboard and let me tell you, i have never felt uncomfortable in my whole life!! I gotta get a USB keyboard, like whoa! Patrick do you have Auto Modellista if so i wanna race you one day, well i gotta go, hope to see you online

  • PS2trouble

    I have been trying to hook up my PS2 to my router for 2 days. Ive got my two computers hooked up and sharing bandwidth through the router but the PS2 keeps telling me cant establish a connection or cant find server or something. Do I need a ethernet crossover or regular crossover from the PS2 to the router Ive just been using a straight through. Also When I first installed the router I had to unplug and shut down everything then one by one bring everything online I guess so the cable modem or the router could recognize everything should I try that with the PS2 hooked up and if so what after I bring the modem online then the router whats next the PCor the PS2

  • Leo

    I Have been trying to hook up my PS2 Network adaptor to play online…But i can’t seem to work the dam thing…Connection test fails evertime i try to connect…Do i need the Linksus router thing…Please Help…ThanxI have Road Runner using a PCX2200 Cable/Modem..Thanx

  • Leo

    I Have been trying to hook up my PS2 Network adaptor to play online…But i can’t seem to work the dam thing…Connection test fails evertime i try to connect…Do i need the Linksus router thing…Please Help…Thanx…
    I have Road Runner using a PCX2200 Cable/Modem..Thanx

  • Aice

    Here’s a good idea to connect to all cabel modem or Road Runner users. If you are having trouble getting online, you could do this easy way i learned with out a router. First of all, you must buy a Category 5E Computer Network Cable.
    Here are the steps…but they must be followed as it is written here.
    1. Delete every file you created from the network adaptor (ex: registration file, setup file)
    2. Take out the ethernet cable from your Cable Modem and unplug the cable modem.
    3. Leave the cable modem unplugged for up to about 5 min.
    4.Plug the cable modem and hook up the ethernet cable from you network adaptor to the bacl of the modem.
    5. Do all your registration stuff and save it until you reach the na (network adaptor) setup.
    6.When it says Are you currently subsribed to an ISP click yes high speed connection
    7.Now you must click on Automatic Settings on this part or else it wont work. no, then click no again
    9.If every things done correclty, in about 15 seconds you will be connected to the online game world.
    NOTE: some companies will charge you for having seperate ip adresses. I have road runner and charges won’t apply. If it doesn’t work, don’t call me a B@*&S5$#^%$ because it worked for me and it worked for some others.

  • Patrick

    Ok, quick question… Where did it state I was a go to resource for troubleshooting PS2 Network problems?

    Sorry that all of you are having problems. I can’t help beyond what is already posted.

    Good luck! Contact Sony if you can’t get it working. Work with your ISP’s as well.

    If you want my help, click the paypal link at the top and donate some cash, and maybe I’ll help but for now, the free support is over.

  • Patrick

    Oh and if you are having problems posting. It’s because I have the ability to ban IP’s and I am using it for the few that have spoiled the fun.

  • micth

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  • Patrick

    Mitch, or guy who can’t even spell his name right “Micth”.

    You are right, I can delete your messages. I can ban your IP addresses you use.


    I can leave you to post your thoughts and reveal what an idiot you are. No wait, you actually are an insult to Idiots.

    First of all, learn to capitalize your sentence structure. I know 2nd graders that have mastered this already.

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    So I have decided to leave your wonderful post up for the world to see.

    But trust me, this is my site, I will do what I want with it.

    Quick question, why do you waste your time posting if you think it sucks???

  • Patrick


    You should learn to spell. I don’t mind the feedback that you think my site sucks. In fact, that doesn’t bother me.

    What bothers me is your simple uneducated attempt at insulting me through the effective use of exclamation points and spelling errors.

    Let’s break your latest post down…

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    Now, the last part.

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    Until then, keep embarrassing yourself and making an ass out of yourself. That would be an ass as in asshole or jack-ass.

  • Patrick


    There is no monthly charge for the PS2 network adapter, just the purchase of the device and your normal ISP charges.

    As for Tribes, I don’t know if its broadband only, haven’t played it. I’d suggest you try their website.

  • Patrick


    Any major electronics provider sells them. Basically any place that sells PS2’s should have the network adapter as an accessory.

  • patrick


    This site is not for the ps2 adapter, nor is it for napster or kazaa.

    Try buying an Ipod and buying music from Apple’s new music store. Of course you will need a Mac to do it as well.

    Or you could wait until a few weeks when Roxio relaunches napster as PressPlay as a pay service for music download.

    Don’t steal music.

  • Kiley Casey

    I have been looking at buying the PS2 network adaptor,but I have56k modem. Is is even worth it to buy it? I have also seen these other adaptors from Linksys that claim to work. Just wondering cause I have no one to play with except for my
    son (who is 1 yr. old ).

  • Patrick


    There are a few games that work well with dialup. The PS2 adapter is a modem and ethernet in one. So you could start with dialup via your current ISP and then if you ever got Broadband you could then switch over…

  • Chris

    Hey, I just bought the PS2 Network Adapter and I have roadrunner but no Idea how to hook it up.At first I thought you just run a phoneline from a jack to the adapter. if you could e-mail me and give me directions on what to do and what i need i would apreciate it.

  • Justin

    Hey Patrick,
    I was wondering, if I have a 56k dial-up connection in my office, with AOL, would I have to pay extra or start a new account to get my PS2 online?

  • Patrick


    Sorry I don’t offer tech support beyond what’s already outlined here. It isn’t hard to set up, just get a network cable not a phone cable…

    No, your existing aol account will work fine, not extra fees, the only catch is you can’t be online on both at the same time.

  • TenchiHawkwing

    I have a Linksys NH108 Ethernet 10BaseT 8-port Hub

    Ok… I think my dad bought the wrong type of Hub because, when I try to connect using multiple devices I get an error connecting to the DHCP server. Is this the wrong equipment? I know each device is correctly connected to the Hub because when I turn the hub’s power off then turn it back on I can get whichever device I have try to establish a connection first to work properly, but all others have problems. I have tried Manual and Automatic settings.

    I need to know because I got the Final Fantasy XI PS2 Beta, but people like to be online the same time I am playing and I really need this to work.

  • Scott

    I just got DSL and I want to set it up so that I can have it hooked up to my Playstation 2 and my CPU at the same time. I’m confused which router I should get. Could you tell me which one I should use? Also, are wireless router’s worth the money because I don’t want to run anymore wires under my carpet. If they are worth it, which one should I get? Your help would be very appreciated.


  • Brian

    I have the PS2 adaptor and have a DSL line. I also bought the Linksys connector thing. I entered all the ISP info for the Linksys and have all the cables set up but when I turn the PS2 on, nothing shows up on the screen. Whats the problem?

  • Patrick


    Wireless won’t help you much unless you get a wireless bridge to connect to the PS2.

    Any router will do, as long as it has more then 1 port, or you have a hub/switch to split out the lan side.

    Sorry, have no idea what’s wrong… I’d check all the connections, run the config program on the PS2 again, hook a computer up to the connection the PS2 is using and see if you can get internet that way.

    Good luck.


  • Alex

    Yo, Patrick
    I have Satellite DSL and i was thinking about buying the network adaper but I don’t want to spend the money if it wont work with it. So my question is… Is the Network adapter compatable with Satellite DSL.

    Thanx for your time

  • Lee

    Hi Patrick,

    I’ve just resently bought a network adapter and I have no idea how to get it working. I have a bt broad band and all the equipment. My pc is in a diferent room to mine by about 4.5m. Do you have any suggestions on what I need to buy to get it working and a step by step guide.


  • braden whitley

    hey man, i just purchased the network adaptor and i i have adsl, how do i connect it all up? do i have 2 pay an extra monthly or yearly fee? and do i need any other accesories to play???? please email me back as soon as posable!!! thanks

  • Daniel Lewis

    Hi Smy name is Daniel and I ‘m having problems with my smackdown shut your mouth game for PS2. the problem is when I get to the black screen with the wwe sign that says now loading it freezes up and I don’t know how to fix the problem. do you have any suggestions?

  • Patrick

    Hey all,

    Not sure where it says I offer to troubleshoot your PS2 problems… But let me say it again…

    I can’t help you more then what’s posted here or other locations on the internet.

    I am sorry that you are having problems with your PS2 and your cable/sat/dsl/dialup connection.

    I suggest you call Sony, your ISP or someone else that offers free support.

    I work for a living as a consultant and my advice and support does not come cheap.

    If you can afford my rates and my airfare, hotel and incidentals, I’ll be more then happy to fly out and get your PS2 working.

    If you need a quote, let me know, otherwise, good luck with your PS2 and hope to see you online soon.

  • Dustin

    cmon man, i just found ur site today, and i really need help with my ps2 adapter. its late and im tired, iv been reading home networking for dummies, but nowhere does it say anything about other stuff besides comps and lap tops. i hav comcast digital cable and i dont know wut the heck is goin on. i know im askin a lot but plz plz plz help me.

  • Patrick


    Well, being that I was sarcastic, but if you can afford the airfare, hotel, rental car, meals, and my consulting rate, then sure I’ll do it.

    Conservative estimate would be about $3,000 up front, plus incidentals.

  • Chris

    I just bought a network adapter and I am hving problems. I have a cable internet connection and the PS2 connects to my ISP when asked on Madden 2003, but when I try to log in my username and password, it comes back that the Madden server is down and to try again. I have had the network adapter for about 2 weeks and have only played about 3 games online and I am starting to get pissed. Why is it doing this, I have not been able to get on for about a week now!

  • Brian

    Ah, I just bought a network adapter too. I bought it so I could play Midnight Club: Street Racing 2 online.

    I have adelphia cable as my ISP. I have my network setup so the cable modem goes to a router, the router goes to a larger 8-port hub (where I have computers plugged in). I plug my PS2 into that hub using cat 5 cable.

    When I setup the network adapter on the PS2, everything went fine… i manually set up the ip address, subnet mask, and router address, and had it auto the DNS addresses. I saved it, and it said i was successfully online, but it couldn’t set the info to Sony. No big deal, I thought, as long as I’m online.

    So I start up Midnight Club 2, load my game, go to network mode, get ready to go online, and it said failed to connect. So, I go to edit network configuration and test the connection. Once again, it was it was successful and that I was online. But the game can’t connect…

    I also tried the demos that came on the startup disc for the network adapter (well, only Madden 2003), and it couldn’t connect either. But I don’t care about those, I just want to play midnight club.

    I think that game utilizes the gamespy network (not sure if that’s common with other online games…). I was wondering if the fact that I’m using a router (and hence behind a firewall) is giving problems?

    any help will be appreciated.

  • Dustin

    get an router, i hav a linksys, hook up ur ps2 to 1 port and ur computer to the other. thats for broadband users. im sorry for all those dial uppers. just go to not needed id and password and then put auto on the other 2 questions. thats how i got mine to work with the everquest setting maker. good luck and try to just leave pat alone

  • Dustin

    Well, its me again, and i finally got my ps2 network adapter working, no thanks to u. i cant really say that because i only figured it out by extensive review of the previous postings. i advise all that need help the following…

  • Dustin

    Hey, I’ve been playing EverQuest Online Adventures for a couple of days now, after I’ve been in the game world for a few minutes I get kicked off but I’m still online and my modem is working fine. I have Roadrunner cable. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dustin.

  • garrett

    hey, I just got the PS2 network adapter and I have a cable modem (through Roadrunner). I have the ps2 and my computer going through a router (a Speedstream). during the setup for the ps2 network adapter, I can get to the point where it tests the connection, however I always get a message saying that the “Ethernet is not connected” or something along those lines. is this a problem with my router, or do I have to manually input my IP address and all that? I’m pretty sure I have a dynamic IP address. thank you for any help.

  • anthony

    i have bellsouth dsl and my modem is an external usb. when i run the network cable from my plastation to the plug-in in the back of my computer it always says “the network cable is not connected to a network” i don’t really understand this. could you please help me?

  • nigel

    i have had a network adapter for a while and i had 56k now i have broadband i am having difficulties getting on line it says testing connection and then it says it fails because authentication.

  • Trent

    Alright, I recently just gotten the Playstation 2 Online Pack, and I also have a Roadrunner Wireless Cable Modem, as well as NCAA Football 2004 and Madden 2004. Now I setted up my Network Adapter to my Wireless modem, it setted up and I was able to connect to the EA Sports Online Room, However when I go to play someone, It will let me go to select my team and then it always says Connection to oppenent lost, I throught it was the person I was playing against and well 45 times later, I still getting the same results, Also I noticed on my modem when it connected to someone else, my Ethernet light they shows the connection flashes on and off before it cuts off.

    Just so you can give me the best advice possible, I have a Orion 3000 Wireless Modem, and I take the ethernet cord out of my Computer and hook it to the adapter, Do I need to buy another piece so that is’ connected to my computer and Playstation or does that model don’t support online playing?

  • Garett

    I have a bellsouth usb dsl modem,which goes into the usb of my computer, then i have a nic on the computer which goes out to a hub, and to another computer in order to share the dsl connection. do you think the ps2 would work being plugged into that hub?

  • craig zimmerman

    midnight club 2 cant get game to to start network play i have all the settings correct for the linksys usb adapter i have tony hawk 4 working fine online but the new midnight club 2 is giving me problems i was woundering maybe the cd that comes with the playstation network card will help me and maybe i can download it.

  • Norm Chin

    I bought a network adapter 2 weeks ago and I can’t get it to work. I hope you can help. I install the adapter and I run the DVD. It says the PS2 detects it. I have a static IP so I select to manually configure. When I get to the connection test, it fails, saying something like ethernet cable is not connected. Here is all my info. My ISP is Speakeasy. I have DSL. I had my friend test the adapter on his PS2. It works. The cable I have, works fine with my PC. Its a UTP Cat 5. I have shut down the modem for a few minutes before trying to connect. I have called my ISP and they say I do not need to do anything special to hook a PS2 to my DSL. I have called Sony and they are playing “pass the buck” with me. I have entered my DSL settings correctly. (I checked them over 100 times!!) What am I doing wrong!

  • Matt

    We just purchased the network adapter. I have a DSL moden with broadband connection. I also have one phone line in my room which has my computer line for the modem and fax a line already running into. What do I need or how do I hook this up to play on line. My son just bought socom and can;t wait to play on-line. Thanks for the help, Matt in Cincy!!

  • Jermy J

    my network adapter isnt workin i put everything in right im on dial up i double check everything but it still wont work wen i first tried it it said login problem but now it dont say anything any1 know how to set it up properly

  • Ju

    Is it possible to link up ps2’s like you would with PC’s? This would mean instead of having split screens on multiplayer, you would have a seperate television.


  • Jon

    Is it better to select Auto or Manual IP. I can’t seem to get a test connection to work with RoadRunner Cable. I use to have DSL and that worked great. I switch to RR and I haven’t been able to connect online yet. After about 30 min of frustration every other week..I give up. What am I doing wrong. I’ve tried havng just the PS2 connected..I’ve tried my hub…no luck Any hints??

  • Adam

    hey my name is adam,
    how do u set up the headset for the network adaptor because i have tried many times and i have not been able to talk online, but i can still play but i want to talk online but it is not letting me. Please help me.

  • steven

    right i have a big mind crunching problem so here goes ,,,ive setup my ps2 ethernet adaptor & added information but it wont dial up to central station
    your help would be appreciated!

  • Carlos

    Hey i have verizon dsl with a westell dual connect dsl modem.the computer is using the usb hook up and the ps2 is using the ethernet cable. only one problem the ps2 will not get a connecton. now this is the same way i was hooked up to aol dsl 2 months ago now it won’t work on verizon. what is the problem? i have tried every thing with exception of a router.

  • Vladimyr

    Help…I bought a Linksys USB100H1 network adapter to connect my playstation through a dial up connection. I can’t seem to get a connection, evertime i try to do a connection test, it times out. Im wondering if this device is even compatible with PS2, they said it was. Or maybe its something I am doing.

  • Jim

    Hi…just thought I’d share my experience in case it saves someone from pulling their hair out like i did mine. I have a linksys router and i had roadrunner cable at the time (i have earthlink cable now…they both work fine). I couldn’t get my ps2 online for weeks, but a firmware update for my router did the trick. So if any of you are having router problems, go to the company’s website and download an update if available (especially for older routers).


  • chris

    i have my ethernet cable plugged into my comcast high speed cable modem. The modem shows that there is no link. i was able to get on until i switched computers

  • kohl

    i Am wondering if you would be able to send me some instructions on how to hook up my ps2 online. like were the cables go and that kind of stuff. thank you kohl

  • Anthony M

    How would you hook up a ps2 network adapter made by sony to road runner. How would you hook up the wires and everything? Please help


  • tony

    ihave two questions

    1. is road runner the only thing that alows you to talk cleary or play online?

    2. if you are using a telephone jack and u plug it in the wall how does it get to ure computer

  • Mike

    I just bought an adapter but it wont connected to my internet provider(adalphia AKA crap. When you click on auto config it says error-611. What am I doing wrong

  • Dave

    Hey Patrick or anyone else out there that might know why I cant get a connection using my router? I can get it just using my DSL modem but i want to be able to just leave it on the router so i can go online and be on the ps2 at the same time.

    What game: Madden 2004
    What kind of connection (cable/dsl/dialup): DSL
    If Cable/DSL, what kind of router: Linksys 4 port wirless
    What ISP: Bellsouth

  • Stephen

    Hi Patrick,

    I recently red on Ebay how to hook up a Linkskys usb 10/100 network adapter to the usb ports, I did that about 10 months ago, I am able to get online with all the EA Sports Titles, But I can’t get online with SocomII or NFL 2k4 or any other game. Would you mind telling me why that is. Thank you I would Appreciate it
    Stephen in Alabama

  • LARRY1092


    i just wanted to know if they were going to come out with “counter-strike” for ps2. if you played that game what you think about it.

  • larry1092



  • Brooke

    I have dialup connection and I bought the Playstation2 Sony Headset, but I can’t seem to communicate with other people. Can you please tell me how to set it up and why I can’t communicate with other people? Thanks.

  • Iguanabbq

    RE: Linksys USB100H1 network adapter. I have this one and am selling several on ebay right now. It works as dialup adapter by connecting to a PC with a modem configured for Internet Connection Sharing. Also, I know that SONY games MC2 and SOCOM2 do not support the USB attached network adapter. Apparently SONY has deemed that anything attached to the USB port is probably a cheat device and therefore blocks it from continueing. If anyone wants to play network games through a USB attached network adapter, they should consult their game documentation to verify that it is supported. I think at this time that SONY games are the only ones affected.

  • jackdarapper

    Sup Dog hey i read some of this stuff and there is a wresting game for online dont bother getting it however because its stuped, its relly laggy the grafics need work “theres alot of glitches” but the game im looking forward to resident evil outbrake “SWEET!!!” it looks great.

  • bobbie

    i bought the network adapter got online and all…but cant get the game to play when i start a game it says error 611(maddon2004) can ya help thanks

  • Dalilah

    I recently got Roadrunner at my apartment. My brother got a PS2 that came with the network adapter and instead of buying another one for my PS2 he said we could have his. I don’t have any directions for it but I’m pretty sure i’m doing it correctly. I set my settings to the best of my knowledge and when I go to test the connection, it times out. I have a cable modem and the computer is hooked up to it through the USB port, and I was left with a CAT5 cable from the installation and I connected that to the PS2. What am I doing wrong ? Please e-mail me at

  • james

    hey pat, i just bought a playstation 2 adapter… i have dsl and i have 1 main computer which sends dsl through the whole house (main computer) when i go online with my ps2 it says on my computer I.P address conflict, but still does connect to the internet.Will this diturb the internet connection on the computer? what do i do

  • carwin

    I had purchase my Network Adapter but i need another start-up disc is their any where so i could purchase(online,store,company,etc)

  • Zephyr


    I have the PS2 adapter, an ethernet network adapter for my pc and a crossover wire, in my pc, i was told that if i connected the crossover wire from the PS2 to the card it’d find the connection and off id go…..

    The prob is i have AOL (the techies are pish) and im trying to set up ICS (im using DSL), my Modem is a BT Voyager USB Modem, i noticed that AOL uses a VPN to connect to the i’net so XP wont let me set up an ICS, i was wondering if u knew a way to solve this prob (w/o new hardware preferiably)
    My ethernet Network adapter is a netgear 1.

    1 added point to make is that the LAN i set up says that it is connected, yet my PS2 says that a network connection could not be established, i thought this may help in solving the prob

  • ricky

    I can’t get past the setup part of the setting up the Netork Adaptor. My internet is dial up, att worldnet. When i try to connect it say authentication failure or login failure, i have spent 3 days trying to figure it out and no luck. Please help!

  • brad

    hey how are you, i have a question for you. after putting in the network adapter getting started disc.. the prompts ask for several things: 1)do you have broadband? 2)LAN 3)user name and password? now i have a question: i have Verizon DSL service , and i am having a HUGE problem getting connected. can oyu please tell me what i have to do exactly. i am about ready to throw this entire thing out. SOCOM II is waiting to be played and i have had no luck in over 2 hours. any help will do. thank you for your time. how do i get my username and PW from Verizon(if that is in fact what has to be done?)
    Thanks again,

  • Ian

    Can anyone help me? I just bought the network adaptor for the P2 and I’m getting a DNAS 611 error???? What is this? I’m trying to connect through my school ethernet. Do I need a router or something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • mike

    I am trying to connect a ps2 network adaptor to my computer (using a crossover cable) then using Microsoft Internet connection sharing to enable the ps2 to use the dsl modem.I have set up the lan part and information seems to be being exchanged but the ps2 network adaptor diagnostics fails on the Dns test. Is there anyone out there got this kind of config to work?

  • rez

    Hi this is rez and i would like to know whether or not tiscali broadband will work for online gaming on the PS2. It would b great if u could help me out.

    Also, do you need to connect your ps2 to your pc?

  • Cayman


    I have Ps2 and the network adapter. My problem is that my high speed modem connects to my computer through a usb port, hence I am unable to hook my modem up to my playstation. Is there a solution for this? My understading is that normally you would just hook your network cable from your modem directly to your ps2, but obviously that won’t work since the cable is a USB cable rather than an ethernet? Please help me.


  • Poole

    i am having problems connecting my PS2 to the internet.i run the connection test and all that comes up is “timed out.unable to make connection.”i have verizon dsl.i connected a ethernet cable from my dsl modem to the PS2 but the light does not go on.please help!!!

  • Steve

    I was wondering if I buy a second cable modem and run my cable through it if I could use that to get online with a ps2 or does it have to be hooked to my cpu is upstairs and ps2 is downstairs I was trying to avoid a long cable run.thanks Steve

  • Dj

    For all of you idots out there the Network adapter startup disk tells you how to hook up the network adapter to a network. I did it without any instructions, also I am 13 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pat

    I need help i put my ip address the mask address and everything else in and all i get is dnas error, its really makin me mad can you tell me what to do to get that thing to work?

  • JD

    Hey there, I got a Network Adapter for Christmas and SOCOM II. I’ve been waiting for weeks to get back to college where I’ve got broadband so I can play online. I went out and bought a CAT5e cable, plugged one end into my PS2 and the other into the ethernet outlet in my wall in my dorm room. I set the whole deal up using my username and password that the university’s network requires me to use, but after a while of trying to connect, it just said that it was unable to connect. What do I do? Could this have anything to do with the university’s settings and if it could be them and not something on my end, can you tell me what to ask them to see if a firewall or something is preventing my connecting?

  • Patrick (owner of this site)

    Ok folks, I can’t help you… The set up of the PS2 network adapter is pretty straight forward.

    If you are having problems, I’m truely sorry but this site is not a troubleshooting site for ps2 issues.

    This is my personal weblog, where I post my thoughts.

    Not sure how my simple review the of the ps2 network adapter became a request for dozens of people to ask for help connecting the thing to the internet?

    Try other resources, ones that are specifically purposed in troubleshooting networking. Call your ISP, Sony, or that neighbor kid down the street and see if they can help. But basically, if you follow the instructions, plug everything in correctly, and assuming your ISP allows it, everything should just work.

    Good luck to you all, but I can’t offer any more help then what is out there already.

  • shawn


  • eric

    i hooked up my network adapter to my playstation2 and for about a week and a half it worked awesome just last night i tried playing and after about 10 minutes my playstation2 locks up then tells me i lost my connection and puts me back into the chat room. then a message comes up that says “server time has expired” and disconnects but i can reboot and start another game and then it happens all over again. what is the problem

  • fox

    How do I find the ip address the netmask and all that other stuff needed to setup my network adapter. I want to do it at work, but we got firewalls and log ins. The automatic setup doesn’t work. It connects to the net, but I get a DNAS error(socom2). We’re not really suppose to do it, but I just wanted to see if it would be possible. We use dell PC’s and DSL with routers. Can you tell me what I need to know?


  • Dennis Bonifer

    I recently bought a Cable/DSL router, so I could play SOCOM on-line while my wife surfs the web (also it kept me from having to call the cable company to have them switch me over when I went from one device to the other). I have been able to connect, but when I try to enter one of the games, it never fully loads & I get a connection failure. I thought maybe it was the CAT5 itself, so I tried using the one that goes to my computer – which obviously works fine, but no luck. I’m not very familiar with routers and assumed it was “plug and play”. So what I’m getting to, are there specific settings that I need to set the router and/or the ps2 set-up to? Thanks for any help.

  • james mascall

    hi i am getting broadband a adsl connection to the modem then a usb connection to my laptop i want to use my ps2 online using the network adapter can i plug into the network adapter my usb connection from my laptop or can i bu a diffrent cable from my mobem to the network adapter thanks and how can i go online and plasymy ps2 online at the same time what do i need and how much will it cost from james mascall

  • james mascall

    hi mate
    i am getting broadband 512kbps with a adsl line and usb connecter for my laptop my broadband modem will be in my room right near my ps2 when i by the network adapter for ps2 how can i connect my usb connection from my modem to the network adapter or do i get the cable connecter with it please help me from james mascall ps will tony hawks underground work online thank you

  • Dustin

    I have socom 1&@. I just was wondering if there is any way to be able to talk to other players online without having to hit the O button. Just to be able to constantly talk

  • Camputer

    You cannot talk constantly on socom 1.

    I am having problem with my mic working on SOCOM 2. I have bought a new mic, it did work on SOCOM 1, but not on Socom 2(except for single player missions). I think it is my router, it is 2-5 years old, im not really sure. I was wondering what router to buy or if i just need to do something to my ps2 to get it to work. If I need a router, then which do you recommand?

  • Carter

    i just bought a modem for my game and i just found your website. i have walmart dail up and i put in the right info, it tells me that my time has run out. can you help me ? i sure would be thankful if you could help me with this prob. thanks again.

  • Jermaine Smith

    I am having trouble getting a connection with my playstaion 2. I have road runner high speed connection it is connected to a 5 port hub to distribute the internet to different devices. Everytime I try to set it up the connection test fails. Do you have a suggestion for me?

  • Eddy

    Hey patrick, I just bought the video game smackdown: here comes the pain. I heard a rumor that it was posible, to put your own music as a entrance theme song for your created wrestler.
    Do you know if there is any truth to this rumor?
    (would be very cool if it is LOL). Also I wanted to know if it was posible to surf the web, on playstation 2?

  • Rob

    Hey Patrick,

    Sorry about that post….I just saw the one where you said this is just a personal weblog. If you want I can try and help some of these people because as you can see in my previous post, I’m not a complete moron. :0)


  • Rob

    Hey Patrick,

    Seems like you’re the guy to talk to when it comes to problems with PS2 online trouble. Heres my deal, hopefully you can crack the case; I have a Netgear RT314 router running two computers as well as the playstation 2. When I play Socom 2 most of the time my headset doesn’t work. I have the router configured so that ports 10070 through 10080 are open to the playstation IP address and I cannot find a DMZ configuration in the router config. . Any ideas?


  • Jared

    I live in a college dorm….our schools network has a firewall, and so far has been blocking my connection…i’ve tried using a router and it was unsuccessful….if you have any ideas let me know….thanks

  • martin

    hey patrick im haveing alot of trouble trying to set up the network adapter.
    i don’t know if im doing it right or doing it wrong it just keeps saying that the athentication is not going in. please help.

  • terry howard

    i just brought a sony usb headset to play with my online games,how to i install the headset?when i plug it up i cant hear anything(i be online). I got a dial-up connection.The direction that came with it was not enough information.can u please help me try to start chattin with friends online. thanks very much

  • Dawson

    I’m tyring to find the DNAS IP address, any chance you could help me out with that? Just for the PS2 network adapter, and due to the fact that all ip’s are run thru DNAS first then routed, any IP from DNAS is perfectly fine. Thanks.

  • dan

    socomII is a good game and i play it over my friends house and i need a service to play socomII so what is the cheapest service that i can use?????

  • JD

    Hi I hooked 2 playstations ypu to the internet, when we try to play socom2 online with both, the headsets dont work, I got a linksys router.If you can help me out in anyway it would be appreciated.

  • Jonny

    Hi My name is Jonny i am kindly asking you to please help me setup my playstation 2 network adapter. My internet service is Comcast High Speed internet please e-mail me and show me how to setup my adapter. Thanks you

  • ERIC

    HI, MAN BIG PROBLEMS. I am trying to get online. I have a cable modem upstairs with my computer and I have hooked up a D-link wireless router to that, downstairs I have my playstation which has the network adapter and and I hooked up a lynksis wireless reciever. I follow the playstation set up rules in ISP settings, but when I go to test the settings I am told no link is found. The d-link is recognizing the receiver downstairs and I went ahead and hooked up the cable modem directly to the playstation and I was able to get online so I know it isn’t the modem or the playstation, maybe I have things wired incorrectly. Can anyone help me? I have been trying to get this wireless system to work for days now and I can’t figure it out.

  • Jason Hofbauer

    DNAS error 611 on Madden 2004 can you help me. I had every thing running for about a month and then the other day it started giving me DNAS error 611. I have windows XP so I use manual settings and I just go directly from my modem to the internet adapter. If you could help that would be great. Also if you could email any help to that to would be appreciated.

  • Dow

    Hi Patrick, I’m using Verizon DSL and can’t set up the adaptor. Sony Support recommended that I get a router, but I’m wondering if I can use a switch instead since they are cheaper. Any advice?

  • Eric Henson

    I play NCAA 2004 online and can’t connect to some people. I have a Netgear MR814 router. Someone told me that there are ports that are blocked that can cause me not to be able to connect to some people. How do you unblock those ports if there is such a thing, and how come I can connect to some people and not others? Thanks

  • Taylor

    I have 2 playstation 2 systems hooked up on a Linksys 4 Port switch/cable router. When I try and run Socom II on both systems at the same time and both using Logitech USB headsets…..I can only hear my brother playing on the other playstation with the headset….and no other people in the room. Please help.

  • Michael

    DNAS error (-611) is what shows up every time i try to get online with any online game including Madden 2004 and SOCOM 2. It says that i have a connection but the DNAS thing is the problem. Can you tell me what the DNAS error (-611) is.

  • jd

    hey taylor i had the same problem i went out and got a belkin 4 port hub and it works fine now, i can hear everyone and the other one works too.

  • BaZhAnG

    hi , i live in singapore within asia so i wanna ask that if the network adapter works on asia region? cause in here theres cable modem which doesn’t need to dialup, and other is dialup boardband , so i do need a router to use to hook up the network adapter right? because i need to check is singapore is ok to go online with this so i will decide to buy the network adapter, oh another thing here is .. if we guys need to go online , we must need the use of original ps2 games rite? not fake ones. thx for replyin

  • jesus

    i just got a network adeptor and bought everquestonline. i dont have a wireless. is there any possible way that i can connect the network adeptor connection to my computer or phone line instead of getting a wireless?
    i have dsl. my mom told me that if i do it says it might get mest up because theres too much power.

  • Jerad

    I purchased Socom2:Us Navy Seals, not to long ago. As far as i am concerned Single Player is boring, so i want to get online!!Please tell me everything i will need to get online. I have Yahoo DSL internet service and the computer is in the room next to my bedroom where my ps2 is so..if i need a long wire that will be no problem. Please tell me the cost of everything i will need as well..including the headset so i can talk to people! Thank you!!

  • Chirs

    i cant hook up my adapter to my roadrunner. im not quite sure how to. i have a router with a blue cord running to my computer, and a white wire that runs to the roadrunner cable box thing. wut do i hook to my ps2?

  • Kenneth

    Hi I just bought the network adaptor for the ps2. I a have LAN and for the best of my knowledge everything is hooked up right but i keep getting a dnas error 611 and can somebody please help me with this. Thank you

  • Hao

    Hello i bought my online adapter but when i go do my test connect i get connect fail DNAS or some thing like that
    i set up my ip my submask and i also got my DNS server i added every thing still dosent work i did this all day my brain is goin crazy and i mad as hell…… is there any way i can fix this? and i have cable and i connect my cord directly from my cable to the ps2 and i kno nothing is wrong with my cable cuz i can surf the net on my comptuer perfecfly fine well any ways I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP

  • Tyrell

    I bought the adapter and i got, a speedtouch USB Broadband connection but could not get online do I need a router , I hear there expensive!

  • M


    Hi. It looks like your mole hill here turned into a mountain. I don’t want you to help me with my ps2 network adapter. I do need to find the right ports for madden 2004. Thought I might speak on ports for a min and maybe you won’t be getting as many ps msgs. (large amounts of search info hits on this page$$<–) ; ) Any way

    If you are useing a ROUTER you MAY have to have certian PORTS open for the game to comunicate. So….

    Find out how to open ports on ur router(read the manual)

    Contact your game maker to find out what ports each game needs.

    GL ya'll n have fun gamein'

    I was wondering if all you need is red hat to make a site like this. it looks good and i'd like to make my own some day soon.

  • robert

    hey patrick, ive been trying to play MOH rising sun and everytime i try to play online it says im having DNAS errror number (-603) can you tell me what i need to do (preferably by e-mail)

  • chad

    hey ive got a problem. I tried setting up my ps2 online in my dorm room so i could play socom 2. When I went through the connection process it said i was online but didnt register with SCEA. And when i tried to connect to the game it connects to the internet but times out while im on the DNAS screen. I was wondering if theres something i have to do to get it connected.

  • Matt

    hey patrick i was thinking about buying my son a network adapter.Do you have to pay additional fees other than your internet bills to play online???

  • Ichiro

    I have a problem plaease help the problem is I cant get on the internet when i use the network adapt. disk and try to connect to the internet it says failed everytime. I think the problem is that I have comcast cable mabey but it isnt working and i really! want to play online! please help

  • cameron

    i have bought an network adapter for my ps2 and hooked it up but it still isnt working. when it does the connection test it just stays on that screen and does nothing else.what the crap is wrong?

  • charles

    hey i keep getting dnas -611 error everytime. i have tried everything with my dsl modem and it is still not working. sony wont tell me anything and my isp dosen’t know what to do either. i am very fustrated because i have had this network adapter for 6 monnths and i haven’t been online yet. please help me!!!!!!

  • david

    i have just got AOL DLS modem but i cant seem to get connected it has a USB port of the modem and i dont know were to put the wirers it only has two ports in the back a USB port wich is used to power it and a DLS port but on the ps2 network adaptor it says it needs to run through the modem THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME HOPE YOU CAN HELP

  • sean mcgraw

    when i looked at my thug game, it sais online, dial up or broadband,i looked places on the internet and it said you just need to put the network adapter in the expansion bay and then set it up with a disc, i really need you to answer this, do you have to connect it to the internet on the computer and do you have to pay a monthly or year fee? I really need you to answer this because i’m thinking about getting it for christmas, please get back to me as soon as possible

  • Patrick

    Ok, I don’t normally answer questions, since most have been answered already here…

    But, the PS2 network adapter does NOT require a monthly fee. It does require an active connection to the internet, either a dialup account you already have, or preferably, a broadband (cable, dsl, t1, etc) that is shared. Not hooked up to the computer, but shared via a hub or broadband switch or directly to the cable modem, via ethernet, not USB.

    If you don’t understand this, or don’t get it to work, don’t blame me, find a 13 year old kid down the block who has it working and ask him to help you for free, I can’t solve everyone’s PS2 problems.

    Good luck.

  • rickey

    I have ps2 online and ive been online before but all my memory card got erased and i cant find the setup disk for online but i setup with madden 05 and i get connected but it says the authentication is bad i have MSN and i remember that you have to type something special for it but i just dont know what.

  • Michael S.

    I have a linksys wirless bridge. It seems to comply with my router and I am able to connect with the internet, but I get DNAS error (-611) when i try authenticate the DNAS data. I seek help in troubleshooting this problem. Thank you.

  • juan perez

    how can i play with The Network adaptor if i dont have the disk to install it? and can i connect a regular phone line to the right side phone jack

  • RK

    i have a new slim ps2 ,that didnt come with a network disk so i created the net config file through any ea game (nba 2005) but i need the disk to create a dnas user and password or for someone out there to create a user for me to use . please reply and thanks.

  • aj

    i have a network adaptor for a year.when i went to aol chat room they banned me,so igot a new password that work on aol but not on my network adaptor.what should i do.

  • Katelin

    how do i get the ps2 network adaptor (step by step) to hook up to ur pc ? plz help im me if u have aol tonight plz and thanks a bunch

  • Mike

    I currently stationed in Italy and i having problems hooking up my playstation online. i don’t need any numbers to dial up to get online. Thanks

  • Dixie

    Hi, Icurrently purchased the ps2 network adapter and tried to get Socom II online but, the DNAS fails everytime. I have talked to numerous people, opened ports, disabled firewalls, and entered different configurations and it still says CONNECTION FAILURE. I can get Socom I online, but it doesn’t have DNAS. I have a dsl actiontec gateway modem connected to a linksys router and the ps2. I am very frustrated and would like to resolve this before I throw the ps2 outside.
    help please!

  • Jesse Noca

    I have the network adapter for playstation 2. I have adelphia high speed internet with an ethernet cord that would run from the na to the back of the modem. Well, i plug the ethernet cord into the na from the modem and run the set-up disc. I click on i have an ISP then a couple options come up to choose which one. None of them are adelphia cable, so i click on other. Then when i test it, it says the connection failed. I tried a million times, and was wondering if you had any advice.

  • Eric

    I bought a network adapter for my ps2, but it has no start up disk. Is there anywhere to download it then burn it from a cd burner or does it have to be dvd? thanks

  • Mike

    When i try to get online (yes i have ethernet) it checks the connection and everything like that and (i have AOL but yes i made sure i typed in my names right!) and it just keeps saying it “cannot authenticate my user ID or password please check network congif.” does anyone know what i can do? GOD THIS ONLINE STUFF IS SO ANNOYING! WHY CANT YOU JUST PLUG IT IN AND GO!

  • Ray

    Hiya, erm. i hav just bought a network adaptor for my ps2. I hav dsl (BTbroadband), a net-lynx router. i am having problems with the DNAS authentication screen. it just hangs for 10’s of minutes until i get sick and tired so just turn the dam thing off!!! Is it usual for it to take so long and if so why? i read on another website that other people were having the same problem. I dont know what could be done with it i have tryed for hours to get it to work! thanx, Ray

  • Techno

    I have bought a used PS2. It works fine in standalone mode but it does not have network CD. Is it possible to get a Network CD individually. Is it same for all PS2 or unique for every product.
    Plz help –

  • josh

    hi my name is josh and im havin a problem with my Socom II us navy seals online. When igo throguh my startup disk and go to isp setup and all that i get an error on my conection to DNAS server. Error 611. Im not sure if this problem is through the type of Router i have or what plz help.

  • Aaron

    Hi, I am having problems with the game Socom II as well, When it gets to DNAS It stops. Possibly because i put DNS Server on AUTO. Any idea where i can find a free dns server provider. Any help would be very helpfull,


  • Chandler

    Hey Pat i waz wondering if there were any way on gods earth could i use my headset to talk to poeple while im playing while using a dail up connectiom

  • jerome

    well patrick i got a ps2 the other day and i got a network adapter with it.i was wondering do i need to go to a certain site to play online.And do i enter the game i have thats compatible with online play.Then will it ask me please turn on the ps2 to get started or something i really nedd to know.

  • andy

    i have this question about network adapter for the ps2. ummm if ur online and playing on ur ps2 and someone is using the interntet on the computer that the broadband router is hooked up to will it slow down the internet for the person who is using the computer?



  • hector

    yo,i need to know this is it the same having the ps2 network adapter than it is having th nyko universal online kit
    will the gameplay be different or what
    i dont know what to buy. if someone knows please email me at please


  • Leo

    Hello Patrick

    I recently baught a Ps2 Network Adapter. I have DSL and my modem is a Westell 327W model I was told it has a wireless connection built in. The problem is that my computer is upstairs and my Ps2 is downstairs. I don’t want to run a 30ft Cat5e down my hallway. I think I need a wireless bridge right? But will a Linksys Bridge work with my modem. And if so how do I get it to find my modem. Do i have to put the signal into the bridge? What I have heard is the number for all DSL modems is is that it?

    Thank You


  • jared

    I have lost my online startup cd! CAN YOU PLEASE HELP!?! I have been trying to find one but can’t where can i get one? Thanks

  • Brandin

    i got a ps2 network adaptor,a 50 foot network cable, ffxi and the hdd. i hooked all of it up and connected the cable to the back of my modem. the isp is comcast so i dont think that is the problem. anyway i purchased an extra ip address so the computer and the ps2 can use the modem at the same time. but everytime i run the network statup dick and get to the connection test it always takes a long time to test and everytime it finishes it says the connection timed out. what does this mean? please help me i called comcast and sony and neither really gave me any answers.

  • charles latta

    Umm i just recently puchesed a ps2 online device from a pawn shop and it didnt come with a startup disk umm if anyone has a copy they can send to me let me know

  • Forrest

    Ok I have SBC Yahoo DSL! and my PS2 is connected to the homeportal 1000 directly through ethernet, and the 2 computers connect wireless to the homeportal 1000, but now I want to connect another PS2 in my bedroom next to my computer, isnt there a way to connect my PS2 to the ethernet port on my PC and configure my pc to use the wirless ethernet card for the connection and have the built in ethernet for connection sharing and the PS2 connected that way?

  • Justin A

    hey, i got a nyko net adaptor to play online with the ps2. i got the set up disk for the ps2, but when i try to do auto config it dont work. i can manually type in my ip address, netmask, and default gate way and it works until it checks for the DNS. well where can i find my primary and secondary DNS address. i need that to continue, please help, thanks

  • James

    I need to know can the playstation be hooked into a PC so that i can play online games that way. I have the HDD but need to play through a computer if its at all possible, long story short no access to a television.

  • XMichaelX

    I have a ps2 online network adapter, and use adeelphia broband internet, i ran all the set up through the startup disk,but when i got to play a game online, it cays initalizing net work, then the scea screen comes up. and it times out!!
    what can i do??

    please respond asap

  • Nick C.

    same as question 251 pretty much. Except i have a cable router downstairs, a linksys 4 port wireless router, and a laptop upstairs with a wireless card so i can get internet on the pc. Is their any way to connect the ps2 network adapter through the computer – ive tried bridging – but i dont know how to do it
    Any help would be great thanks

  • Ryan


    I have a network adapter and an active internet conection via comacast, i also have a modem, I found all of the dns, ip adress and all that stuff but it won’t authenticate my settings (DNAS) NEED HELP

  • simon

    hi, can you help me im going crazy tryin to set up my ps2. the thing is i am using the internet connection sharring (ics) with my pc, i have all the stuff i require but for some reason (maybe just to annoy the hell out of me) every time i do the diagnostics test it fails on the DNS, now i have tried everything i can think of but nothing works ?????
    so please if you have any idea how i can fix this problem please let me know ty

  • Tim

    I have verizon dsl, but only on one computer downnstairs. However my playstation 2 is upstairs and I do not know what to purchase to play online upstairs while my family gets online downstairs. please help, thanks

  • Jonathan Gorman

    Please help me. Same question as #256. I am tring to hook things up but the connection test always fails. I have verizon dsl, i am running fom the wall, to the modem (it’s a westtell wirespeed) and then have an ethernet cable running to the network adaptor from the modem. I called verison tech support and was told that it should sut up automatically because I have a dynamic connection. Does this mean that the manual IP info does not apply to me (IP, netmask,default router, Primaary and secondary DNS)?

    I would really appreciate the help.

  • Ivan Smith

    Hi, My son has a ps2. he has recently bought the online adapter. We cant seem to get connected. we have roadrunner, that’s all i now as far as our internet and it’s not dial-up so please send me advice so my son can sleep at night. I would really appreciate that. You can email me at .Thank you

  • T Young

    I have a PS2 and play SOCOM3 on line with friends but I am not able to use my headset. The headset works off line so that is not the problem. I have Verizon DSL with a Westell Wirepseed router (or modem, not sure which). I called Verizon to see if they could open the ports on my router/modem to allow the headset to work and they said it is in the DSL contract I signed that they do not open those ports. I assume this is because this is VoIP traffic and Verizon is a phone company? Have you heard of this problem and is there something else I can do to get my headset working on line? Thanks! TY

  • Joe

    Hey Pat, I have Aol dial up and I have connected it to my ps2 and I went through the steps to set it up but when i go to connect it says cannot authenticate username and password. Iam positive that I am putting it in correct I even put the username and password of the main account holder. What do i do?

  • Tim

    Hey patrick,

    I was trying to connect my ps2 to the internet using msn as my IP. I can hear it connect but it always says access denied. I was just wondering if you could tell me whats wrong. (I’m kinda new to this stuff so sorry if this is elementary to you)

  • Keith

    I don’t care about getting online. I just want to connect my and my friends playstations together to play Socom together. How do I go about doing this?

  • Stu

    hey i have a couple questions… first off when connected straight from the high speed modem my connection i get “access denied”, what do i do about this? also when i’m try through my d-link router my connection times out, what can i do for these problems? it is quite aggravating… thanks for your time

  • Shane

    Look man I need help im getting pretty pissed at my network adapter. Ok I put in the setup disk to get the connection and ran the setup test to see if it would work which it did. But when i try to play a game online it says “No valid network configuration” whats up with that what does that mean. Am i doing something wrong.

  • BXC25790


  • vilmer ribeiro

    i bought a japanese game from ebay but my ps2 just can read usa end canada games do you know how i do to unblock the ps2 to play that game??

  • Rudy

    Hey Patrick,
    I have a network addapter but when I try playing online it says that I’m timeout can you please help me.All my settings are fine but I keep on getting that error.

  • Ercan

    Hey there Patrick

    i have ps2 online but for dial-up and i just bought a headset.but i cant hear anything or say anything. for example i play fifa 06 in the lobby and it has a headset icon next to the people who have headsets.mine doesnt.its plugged in and its u no whats wrong.please help me.

  • brandon

    I need to know if we have to use a credit card to help pay for the online ps2 game online and how much would it cost to play online on playstation 2

  • phil

    hey man i just got comcast internet installed i play final fantasy 11 and socom online on my ps2 i used to bring my ps2 to a friends house who had comcast and i could use the same network adapter settings as i used for my quest dsl settings, but now that i have comcast internet at home i cannot connect to the net with my ps2, my computer connects fine. i ran ethernet straight from the modem to the ps2 and also tried using a router between modem and ps2 (both ways work for my computer) neither work for my ps2. i have tried to use the automatically find settings option and i tried manually putting in my DNS and IP , i cannot connect to the net with my ps2 its so ery frustrating. have you heard of any recent reasons why comcast gives problems here?

  • craig

    I just purchased a Japanese Import with online play. Is there a way to get connected to play online? I can play offline fine but when I try to log on the DNAS loads to 50% then freezes and the screen goes black. Any help please. Me and my brother both bought this game to play online together but we just can`t seem to get logged on. I have no problem logging on with the U.S. games.

  • Justin

    do u need to have a network adaptor to play final fantasy 11 or does the hard drive take care of it?/and if the hard drive does do it all…would u need the network adaptor to play other games??

  • donna

    I am trying to hook up my ps2 to the internet but I just got road runner nad it is in a different room. Please help!

  • Chris

    Hey, does Patrick still come to this site?

    I heard that now you don’t even need the start up disk to get online….is this true? Heard this from a guy that works at EB Games.

  • bigshock

    if you are trying to use a linksys router you need to set up your ps2 in the lan settings with your isp account information and set the dmz on the router with the ip and i think it will work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sam

    Hello my name is sam and i am wondering where my DNS server is located i should prolly already know but i wanted to play Socom 3 online but it says theres something wrong with the DNS server ive played online before and it just started right up so i really dont know much about it… it would be nice to hear something back thanks.

  • Kyle

    I got my PS2 Online to work in my dorm room and when i get online to play Madden 2007 it seems to be fine. I have full green bars to show my connection is at its fastest. Then when i play someone it seems to disconnect everytime. The lag comes out of nowhere, any suggestions on what i can do to fix this?

  • triplethrees

    Don’t know if you still check this site or not. I have a problem.
    The linksys game adapter and ps2 do not stay connected a long amount of time when i play socom 2 or socom 3. Is this normal? I am using a linksys router w/speedbooster.
    I also have range extender by linksys as my connection is on the first floor of my home and my game center in on the second floor. Please advise.

  • Steve

    I have a nintendo DS and i need to no how to find out the Primary and secondary DNS adress. Im on my computer thats connected to the router and im real confused. One thing i did was click Run > ipconfig /all and then a window popped op and after like 1 fourth of a second disapeard. What should i do?

  • Michael L

    I am having so much trouble trying to set up my network adapter. If i try to use the setup disk or any game to set up the online gaming, when it goes to test the settings it always says connection timed out… its driving me nuts.. help please

  • Michael

    I have Aol dial up and I have connected it to my ps2 and I went through the steps to set it up but when i go to connect it says cannot authenticate username and password. Iam positive that I am putting it in correct I even put the username and password of the main account holder. What do i do?

  • bruce

    okay, i need a startup disc for my natwork adaptor but i dont have. it didnt come with one. is there a way i can burn it? and if i cant how do i set up my network connection?

  • G-Unit

    I have been playing socom since socom III. When i played socom III my latency was fine. It also was fine when i first got combined assault. But now, i cant even play one round without lagging out. CAN U HELP ME

  • sizzle

    Patrick, i used to have cox cable and was able to play my ps2 online with no hassle. But now i have changed to at&t dsl, now i can’t figure out how to play online. I’m tryin to use my apple airport and my wireless dsl modem but nothing is working. Then i keep getting this network error (-603) on my dnas screen when i try to play ps2 online…. please help me man.

  • KingOfTheStreetz

    hey wats good people well i got madden 08 and i dont have an online account but every time i try to create 1 on my startup disc for some reason it always says system busy and i try again later and it still doesnt work

    i have the slim kind ps2 and earthlink with dial up

    but yo some 1 please get at me im really trynna smash some 1 out there in madden 08

  • Kevin

    Hey, I’m trying to set up online for the playstation 2. I think I have everything I need. I have An ethernet cord, the network start-up disk, and a D-Link USB adapter. I connected the ethernet cord in the playstation 2 and in the back of my computer where it says ethernet. I put in all the correct information in the start-up disk but when it comes to the connection test it keeps saying that the connection test failed. I don’t know why it can’t find the internet on my computer. If I’m doing something wrong or I don’t have everything I need, please tell me! I need help!

  • SteveA

    Why is nobody answering the questions about missing Network configuration CD’s? I just bought one off and the damn thing didn’t come with the CD for setup so now I need one too! Where’s the downloads for this thing! It should be available online by now! The PS2 is Old School! Surely someone has the ISO for the cd online somewhere by now.

  • Kevin

    I just bought a ps2 network adaptor And i cant wait to play to madden online buti Have a cable modem(Comcast is my ISP)I have a network slot on the back off the modem but when I enter the online start up disk It never connects just always searching for a connection PLEASE HELP ME DESPERATE KID IN NEED OF COMPETITION IN MADDEN!!!

  • tre

    ok so we are messin around with tryin to get online and play socom combined assault for ps2 but it wont complete the network settings on the screen says the test signal failed

  • Louie

    Im currently using a PS2 with a wireless ethernet connection, and I play FFXI, recently iv been having dropped connection issues with my game, I have my PS2 connected to a Belkin Router. iv tinkered with the MTU Value settings..sometimes it will work 4 awhile but eventually it will drop my connection usually saying “did not get response from FFXi Server” or ”
    “timed out” could it be possibly a firewall set on my router? or perhaps something to do with MTU? help me out ;;

  • Dagan

    Netgear DG834GT and PS2 connection time out

    Hi there, been having this problem for 2 days now and been searching the internet to no avail. you look like the most helpful site yet.

    I keep getting a time out error when i connect the ps2 to the router with ethernet cable. The port light on the router alternates between green and amber every 3 or 4 seconds and then after about 3 minutes times out. I have my laptop and nintendo wii connected wirelessly to router and works 100 percent.

    When i disable my wireless connection and connect laptop via ethernet into the router ports it also works 100 percent. when i connect the ps2 to the ports it illuminates green the number of the port but when i try a connection test it just alternates between green and amber and times out again. Ive tried numerous ethernet cables incase they were faulty, ive tried stuff ive read about dmz and port forwarding but nothing has worked, your help would be much appreciated.

    And Vik if you can help me find a solution ill post you a network adaptor i have from my old ps2 as i have a slimline now, so please help

  • Tasha

    Mike, I want to know if i purchased a 100 foot Cate cable to connect to the ATT 2wire modem, will I be able to connect to online game play with my silver slim playstation 2. I just want to play online like the others and surfing the web has become such a headache with me. I have read somewhere that I can bridge connections in xp but that was a failure as well. i even went as much as to inputting the ip address of my intel proset wireless 2200bg to try to connect, and i did get an internet connection when i tested it, but when i went to play online, it said something about failure to connect to the DNS server. what ever that is. hopefully you will be able to help when all others failed to do so.
    thanks a million