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WWE Smackdown, UPN Thursday 8pm EST suffers a unique circumstance… No re-runs. What I’d give for some re-runs of the first months of Smackdown. Today, they are really just running on empty, needing a desparate influx of big name talent and good stories.

Recently, they’ve “split” the rosters and now they have 2 world championship titles. Brock Lesnar holding the Smackdown title after beating the Rock at the last PPV. Lesnar, having no mic skills or ability to carry a story outside the ring, has Paul Heyman acting as his agent. Heyman can not make up for Lesnar’s lack of verbal skills and comes off grating and crass. The WWE desparately needs to decide what to do with Lesnar and fast. The fans want to see Lesnar as a face, possibly turning on Heyman. He could be a solid fan favorite, if he can figure out a few lines and stick to the stories.

Hopefully Smackdown will once again come into its own, finding its audience once again and returning to the top. Not on Thursday nights though, or at least this year, they have way to much competition in their core audience which does not bode well for the WWE.