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I just picked up my AT&T Siemens SX56 and wanted to compile a list of tips, tricks, FAQ’s and Cool Stuff…


PocketInformant 3.3

PocketStreets w/ your local map(s)

Vbar (Program closer)


Acrobat Reader 1.0

All Locations GPRS Traffic Counter 3.1


ZioGolf 2

Microsoft Entertainment Pack…ads/entpack.asp


128 Meg SD Card (install programs and documents)

Screenprotector (I use Fellows WriteRight)

Thumb keyboard (when its available)


-Hold down “Phone” button (at bottom, left of navigation buttons) to enable speaker phone after dialing.

-Hold down the “Hang up” Red button (at bottom, right of nav buttons) to turn off phone features (useful for boarding planes, etc)

-Tap Speaker at top of LCD to set volume or turn off or enable Vibrate only

-Go to…a&film=&start=Y and grab some pocketpc format movies. Great for that “wow” factor.

-Play some MP3’s or WMA’s on Media player

-Add custom ring tones, any short .wav file works basically

-Flashing LED tells you alot…
1 green flash every 3 secs: GSM signal found
1 green flash every 1 sec: Notification or reminder
Steady Red: Battery is empty
Flashing Red: Battery almost empty
Steady Amber: Battery Charging
Steady Green: Battery Fully Charged

-Nav buttons (left, right, down, up) can be pushed in at center just like clicking on the screen

-Create your own Today screen themes with the new Microsoft Theme generator 2.0 and other powertoys……s/powertoys.asp

-To do a soft reset, use stylus and press it in the hole to the left of the SD slot on the bottom of the phone.

-To do a hard reset, unscrew stylus top and press the small part into the the hole on the bottom left of phone twice.

-Use the nav buttons to scroll through quick dials to dial one handed without having to touch the lcd to dial.

-Hold down the corresponding number on the Phone app to speed dial that number. Holding down button 1 would dial the First speed dial number.

Links: – Great site for news, reviews and these message boards – Another great site for news and reviews/previews – Site for XDA accessories – Batteries, sync cables and cradles, SD cards, and other cool stuff.