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According to Fox News, NASA and various other sources…

The Space Shuttle has apparently lost contact with NASA and appears to have had catistrophic problems. The footage showing on Fox News appears to show the shuttle coming down in pieces.

At 9:44 CST I can only hope that there is somehow these astronauts have survived this. However, my gut feeling says they embraced the risks of space flight and apparently have perished doing what they loved.

7 Astronauts, lost their lives today, but millions are now reminded of the dangers of space exploration. The irony of today is that it is almost 17 years to the date of the original Challenger explosion, and that this was the 113th shuttle mission NASA had done.

My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to the 7 astronauts, their family and friends. These 7 lost their lives while pursuing their ultimate dream, escaping the boundries of Earth and doing their job in the heavens above Earth. They paid the ultimate price for furthering our need to explore and go further then we have gone before.

Today is truely a sad day…