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Just wanted to give everyone a personal update as to what I’ve been up to lately. Work is keeping me quite busy. That’s a good thing, for the most part.

Touched base with an old friend, Rocky and I think he and I will be partnering on a new venture very soon. Stay tuned…

Been working on Video editting in my spare time, learning Premiere and just got Sonic’s DVDit! for authoring DVDs. More on that at a later time.

Got my replacement SX56 from AT&T due to some glitches in the old one. The new one is working like a charm. If only there was a mute button besides the one on the handsfree cord…

Haven’t been able to help Mike much at but its still a great site for all kinds of information about PDA Phones.

Anyway, have to get back to work if you need me, email me 🙂