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Ok… Everyone one says Linux is all great and powerful. I admit, its really exciting to install a completely non-microsoft OS and have it work.

But it is missing one key feature!!!

No where can I find a way to have a Linux Email client automatically forward my email to my Cell Phone!

This was such a simple thing to do in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Just set up a rule to forward incoming email to a specific address and keep a local copy. That specific address was my cell phone email address.

Sounds simple… Right?

Nope… Not for Linux.

I’ve tried RedHat 9.0, and installed every X-Windows Email client I could find, Kmail, Mozilla Mail, Ximian Evolution, Slypheed, etc, etc… NONE HAVE THE ABILITY TO FORWARD EMAIL BASED ON FILTERS!!!!

I even found a cool program called fetchmail which will download my mail for me, place it in my linux user’s inbox, but still can’t forward the damn email to my cell phone!

I’m assuming it’s possible, I mean come on, Microsoft can do it, and does it in their basic email client. It’s not like this feature is reserved for only Microsoft Outlook and not Outlook Express!

I did find a bit about a ~/.forward file which should send out email in the local user’s mailbox but can’t find anyway to make this all work.

Anyway, this sucks… Any Linux Guru’s out there want to explain to me how to make such a simple feature in MS work in Linux???