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Just wanted to lay out some ground rules for my posts, your comments and my site.

First, this is my site. I will do what I want with it.

Second, your comments are your comments, I take no responsibility for them, except if I find them offensive, or don’t like them, I will remove them.

Third, this is not a tech support website. I can not make your PS2 network adapter magically work. Google might have brought your here, but that doesn’t mean I can help you.

Fourth, I am not the guy from Star Trek nor am I that guy from that Andy Richter show. I am Patrick Stuart, I’ve been on the internet since before it was the internet. Those other guys are Patrick Stewart and James Patrick Stuart.

Fifth, well there is no fifth rule, but five sounds better then four and is less then seven.

That’s it, nothing more to say, except have a great holiday.