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President Bush apparentely took a spill while mountain biking… A few scrapes and scratches but nothing major…

However, rumor has it (according to the DrudgeReport) that Democratic Presidental candidate John Kerry stated, “Did the training wheels fall off?”.

Now, supposedly this was off the record, or at least not on the record and the reporters aren’t reporting the comment. Ignore that for the moment and lets think about what would have happened if Kerry were President and fell off his bike…

Had Kerry fallen off the bike, we would have mandatory bike helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, must have federally licensed insurance to ride a bike and pay a per use tax every time your ride a bike.

But that’s not all…

You must ride a federally inspected bike, which requires inspection every year. You must have a federal ID to ride a bike with special certifications after extensive testing to prove that yes you can ride a bike.

Oh and if you can’t afford a bike, several government overfunded programs will provide a bike for you if you can prove you make under $18,000 a year. These federally provided bikes will be made by the lowest bidder, probably from somewhere in China, someone who funded Kerry’s campaign, but this will never be uncovered because it was buried my reporters.

So the bottom line is, do you want to ride a bike?

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