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Well, I finally did it, thanks to a sale on domain registrations at I registered, Patrickstuart.Org, and Patrickstuart.US to secure the rights and redirect to this site.

Patrick Stuart is my name, I’ve been involved in the internet and its predeccessor FidoNet and BBS’s since 1988. I don’t sell anything here… I do put up Google Ads mainly as a way to offset the cost of hosting this site (if anyone would ever click on those Google Ads) and also because I think Google Ads and their Adsense offset context relative ads and links based upon what I post.

I have a renewed focus on posting some details and thoughts of the goings on in my life. I realize that some people might accidently hit this site because they are looking for information on that guy from Star Trek (spelled Patrick Stewart) who doesn’t have a website. Or they might find it through looking for another actor James Patrick Stuart, but again, he doesn’t have a website either. Sorry if you feel mislead or that I’m leavaging traffic based on this name. This name is mine, its what I was given, and I like it. As my hair slides further and further back (I refuse to acknoledge its receding 🙂 ) the Jean Luc-Picard / Capt. jokes are hitting home a bit but there is no way anyone would confuse us if we met on the street.

Anyway… The purpose of this post was to let the world know that Patrick all belong to me and point to this site.