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Ronald Reagan, age 93, passed away today after a 10 year battle with Alzheimers Disease.

Frankly, I read on Drudge, that this was coming, but nothing prepared me for the actual news of his passing. Ronald Reagan was truely a great American. He defined eternal optimism and what patriotism should be. His radical change in policy in regards to the Soviet Union, forcing them to crack under the departure from Detante to Star Wars and a huge military buildup. His demanding that the Berlin Wall be torn down, and all the other wonderful things he did, he will be remembered.

It might be said that Ronald Reagan will go down in history as on of the 20th centuries greatest presidents, and nothing could be further from the truth. Reagan’s rise to the presidency marked a return of patriotism, usered in an age of growth and prosperity not seen in any other modern time. His detractors will point out his scandals, Iran – Contra, a 3 trillion dollar deficit, and others, but ultimately I will remember Ronald Reagan for what he did for this country and the world.

Ten long years battling Alzheimers had to take its toll on the whole Reagan family, so my best wishes goes out to the whole Reagan family and thier friends, that his struggle is finally over and he is in a good place… Rest in Peace, Ronald Reagan.