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Well, my 7 year journey with Xerox Corporation finally came to an end yesterday with my exit interview.

I have absolutely no complaints, every good, bad or indifferent thing that happened while I was working for Xerox has been a great learning experience. The path I took was not one I planned, but worked out very well. I will truely miss working with the great people that make up Xerox.

Moving on to a new company, The Bureau of Engraving, as Technology Marketing and Support Manager will be a completely new endevour. There are many challenges, big and small in front of me, and the great thing is there are so many great people who work for The Bureau that have welcomed me. I can’t wait to help drive a new way to do print…

So have a great 4th of July, enjoy the weather, fireworks, food, and libations. Ironically, I’m celebrating my idependance as well… 🙂