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Well, its going to be a busy weekend. 40 computers and a new server to install. Going with Windows 2003 Server Small Business Edition and Windows XP Pro on the desktop. Should be interesting getting this all to work smoothly, but will be a very needed upgrade for the company.

On a separate note, I’m hoping to finally sell my Seimens SX56 Pocket PC phone edition today with a few of the accessories. It’s been just gathering dust, and someone emailed me who lives in Minnesota that wanted to get one.

Once we’re done with this deployment, I’m thinking about starting a lan party friday night at the company. Mainly targetted to IT folks, but anyone would be welcome. We’d provide the space, T1, and networking cabling and switches, you bring the computer and we’ll pick a different game and play one friday each month. Figure it will be a good way to get IT people into our offices, but also have some fun playing lan based games…