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I want to know which presidental political candidate will be proposing more time in a day. There just isn’t enough. I can’t seem to get everything done in one day and if there was just another hour a day, I could probably do it.

So, who’s with me, we vote for the next president who will add more time to a day?

If you get the opportunity to ask any of the candidates, and are stumped for those tough questions the reporters keep asking them, like are you for or against terrorism, then ask them, “Would you add more time to the day and if so, how much?” That should send them spinning.

But my vote is up for grabs, if any one presidental candidate will say yes, (even if I knew he was lying) and stuck with that decision and didn’t change it, I’d vote for him/her. That’s all its come down to this election for me… The need for extra time…

Good luck…

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