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Just a few random thoughts…

Ashlee Simpson lipsyncing? Never. Who would have guessed. And on SNL of all places. Could she have been set up?

John Kerry vs. George W. Bush. Prediction, Bush wins with 271 Electoral votes and it, once again, coming down to Florida. Bush does win the popular vote, but by a narrow margin. The 10,000 or so Democrat Lawyers will fight in every lost state and drag out the controversy for weeks.

Simon Delievers. Works great, huge time saver, I hate going into grocery stores and waiting in lines.

Upgraded the laptop to a full 1 gig of ram, should be here tommorrow.

Currently playing The Sims 2, but really no time for games. My wife and oldest daughter play more video games now then I do.

Monday’s suck, thankfully there are only 1 a week, but sometimes it feels like more then that.

There is never enough time, too much to do, not enough time to get it all done…

Favorite New Show: Mythbusters on Discovery Channel, this show just rocks.

Movie I want to see: National Treasure. Watched the 10 minute clip on and looks very good.

Favorite Song: Vertigo by U2, followed by 1985 by an artist I can’t remember.

Can’t wait for U2’s new album. Will be first album I’ll buy new on iTunes. Might even buy the black U2 ipod as well. Assuming its at least 30 gigs and comes with the full U2 song collection and under $400.

Halloween is less then a week away, and I’m trying to reduce my sugar intake. Makes me really sleepy but I’m feeling much better. Too bad they don’t make a sugar free Mountain Dew… But if they did, it’d taste horrible.

Reality shows are over. My prediction, backstage and behind the scenes of sitcoms. Which would hopefully mean the return of the sitcom. But that’s problably wishful thinking more then anything.

No terrorist attacks on US soil since 9/11 and the streak will continue, I hope. Anyone who doubts there are people out there trying to kill us is blind. But blaming a President for this is rediculous, they won’t stop if Kerry is elected.

Back to lipsyncing, Destiny’s Child on the Radio Music Awards is taking the prize for now. Maybe Ashlee Simpson will show them up??? It’s sad, I’m only recognizing about half the names of the bands and people appearing at the show. Guess I need to listen to some more music…

Another prediction. Wireless iPods with FM and 802.11g capabilities built in. Oh and a color LCD, for hmm, maybe video? Or could it be just for skins and for showing picture from a digital camera? The wireless capability would be nice for syncing, but really cool if you could broadcast on unused FM frequencies. Throw in Bluetooth for wireless headphones and you have the ultimate hi-tech music device. Make it do video and you might have the Tivo killer. Take your shows with you, watch them where ever you want, when ever you want. Someday, this will happen.