Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 1

My wonderful wife ran out to the store yesterday before I got home from work and picked this game up for my PS2.

It’s a great game and great story line so far. Only played it for a few hours (more then I’ve played any video game in weeks) and its got a ton of new features and options compared to the previous 2 GTA’s.

This may be the best game of 2004 and well into 2005. Too bad it didn’t have online play, but until Rockstar comes out with an online GTA, this game will have to suffice.

Nothing like shameless violence to relieve a bit of stress after a long day at work, thankfully that’s where GTA and my PS2 comes in 🙂

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One thought on “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Kalen Weldon

    I am a GTA fanatic. I am also a car fanatic. In ure next game you might want to put neon lights for when you customize ure car. It would also might be a good idea to make the at-400 where u go and pick up people same with buses. I have all the GTA games.
    Thanks Kalen