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Well, it looks like President Bush is going to squeak out 4 more years. Now, with Kerry – Edwards vowing to “fight for every vote” this could take awhile to certify. I’d ask one question of Kerry – Edwards, would they fight for a contested Republican vote? Or should Edwards quote really say, we will fight for every democrat vote?

Anyway, one thing is clear, President Bush wins the popular vote, by what looks like over 3 million votes . Also, he breaks an alltime record held by Reagan for most votes for a person. Wonder what all those bitter democrats who thought that Al Gore should have been president because he won the popular vote by a narrow margin are thinking now?

How much of a fight will Kerry – Edwards put up? The honorable thing now would be to conceed and not drag this country through another horrible court battle for every democrat vote. Because the reality is, if you go counting or uncover voter fraud, disenfranchised voters, etc. you will find it on both sides of the political side and the law of averages kicks in and still the results are the same.

What a circus we’ve created. I guess this is how elections are going to be from here on out, a media circus and extreme caution in calling anyone a winner until its been proven in court. Not surprising when the 2 guys with nearly 4 million votes less then the current President and VP are both lawyers, that this would end up in courts… Let’s just hope that they see the writing on the wall and conceed. Even James Carville called it for Bush and refused to spin the results any other way.

Well, time will tell, but from where I sit, it looks like four more years of George W. Bush.