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My rules as a casual gamer:

1) No grinding.

2) Must have fun.

3) No waiting around, maximize the time I have to play.

4) Only play for 2 hours max at a time. (this one’s for the wife and kids)

5) Keep it simple, stupid. I will not read every dev thread, rant or nerf about the game, I will just simply play it.

6) I will not be a crafter, nor a horde for inventory, I use what I need, share what I don’t, but horde nothing, make nothing.

7) I will be a female character. I don’t want to play 2 hours at a time staring at the back of a guy. Plus women advance faster in MMORPG’s and make more money. 🙂

8) I will not consume mass quantities of caffeeine or alchocol while playing the game. I will however, consume mass quantities of caffeeine or alchocol for other reasons 🙂

9) I will remind myself to always have fun, not to wait around and to see the first couple of rules on a regular basis.

10) There is no rule 10, but 10 rules sounds better then 9.

All of these are a reminder for me as I’m thinking of picking up EQ2 and joining up with some old friends and play this game.