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Well, it seems that the wildly popular Everquest 2 has suffered from an undisclosed software and/or hardware issue that has resulted in significant outtages for its client base.

Users haven’t been able to log in and play since early Friday morning, after a patching of code. Rumors abound over what is the cause, but as of late Saturday night all but 6 east coast servers are up and running.

Characters are rumored to be rolled back to a minimum of Friday morning, but some users are reporting losing days of effort.

As of right now, the server I play on, Befallen, is still down and the only ETA is sometime before the pacific timezone night is over.

I can only speculate why these 6 servers are not online right now with the rest of the community. They are all on the east coast, compared to the majority of the servers on the west coast of the United States. Furthermore, fearing the worst, it is possible that what ever caused this outtage is much worse on these 6 servers, or even the database backup for these servers was corrupt or incomplete.

Time will tell what was the cause and resolution for this massive outtage. What sucks for me is that I bought a new video card and wanted to just veg out and play all day Saturday, but now its looking like I may not get to play on Befallen anytime soon.

SOE has offered to remove XP debt and compensate us with free playing time, but further compensation should be offered in the line of XP or a choice of specialty items, or something worthwhile to get through this mess. The only saving grace was the SOE forums had hourly updates up to when the majority of servers came back online, however, since then, there have not been any updates in the last 4 hours as to the status of the remaining 6 servers.