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As many of you know, a legend in the world of comedy and talk show’s past away on Sunday. Jonny Carson, 79, died due to complications from his long term battle with enphyzema.

As a kid, I remember sneaking out to the living room after my bedtime to turn on Carson and The Tonight Show to catch a glimpse of a master doing his craft. I probably didn’t get half the jokes and didn’t know who many of the guests were, but I grew up on Jonny Carson.

When Jonny went off the air in 1992 I basically stopped watching Late Night comedy. No one can or will replace Jonny and what he was able to do. Jonny is and will be forever the standard all comediens, talk show hosts and television personalities will be held to.

So enjoy the big show in the sky, Jonny Carson, because I’m sure beyond those pearly gates, somewhere is a desk and a chair where you can once again, sit and interview all those guests. Rest in Peace.