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Well, we are in the process of moving. We started building a house back in October and sold our current place in November and now we are preparing to move. We move out of our place and have to live in a hotel for about a week before we close on our new place.

Well, we’ve started looking at all the stuff we need to get, want to get, and would like to have… And not exactly in that order. We need a dining room table and chairs, some bar stool like chairs for the kitchen. Wife wants to get a sectional for the living room (I do too) and a bed frame for our bed. I want to outfit the home theatre area downstairs with real (or realish) theater seats, and HDTV. Started down the path of compromise, and so far we are working things out.

We’ve found a great table and chairs at a scratch and dent place. I highly recommend that you look at these places versus buying new, especially if you have young kids like us. Today we are heading up to Becker Furniture World which is supposed to be huge, and order our sectional couch for the living room. Then I also want to look for a nice simple desk for the home theater area for the computer(s). Instead of actual theatre seating, I’m now going to use our old living room set, which I think will be ok. Hoping to stop at ultimate Electronics (before they go under, they seem to be heading to the bankrupcy court) and look at front projectors for HDTV and so on. Got my eye now on InFocus’s Screenplay 4805 system (I know it doesn’t truely do HD, but supposedly the normal stuff like dvd’s and ps2 look awesome even at 8 feet or larger and its portable!!!) with about a 9 foot screen. We were considering the Sony Rear projection HDTV’s but I don’t like the horrible standard broadcast quality and only having HDTV look good. For half the price I can get the front projector and a screen and have true home theater.

Would really like to have that projector today so I can “try” it for the big game tommorrow, but don’t think that’s going to happen.