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Finally got around to upgrading to WordPress or whatever the latest is…

Happy 4th of July… Sitting here, watching tv, listening to all the fireworks going off around our new house. Funny thing is, fireworks are illegal in Minnesota… But something about celabrating independence day by breaking the law… Hope the houses are still standing, the smell of smoke from all the fireworks is pretty pugnant.

Oh and NASA hit a comet at 23,000 miles an hour… Like a bullet hitting another bullet while a 3rd bullet watches… Guess they remembered to use the metric system this time. Next up, space shuttle launches again July 13th. Did they really schedule a shuttle launch on the 13th? Wow!

Playing Battlefield 2 these days, it is pretty good, lots of servers to play on but only a few don’t lag really bad. Matrix Online just isn’t doing it for me anymore. Probably will cancel in a few weeks if I don’t get tired of playing BF2.

Take care… and enjoy the new look…

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