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I bought a new IBM Tablet PC the Thinkpad X41 which actually now isn’t from IBM it’s from LENOVO. But IBM supports it??? Anyway, great small laptop with lots of cool features… Including one, the haunted mouse.

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Yes, my mouse is haunted.

Actually it is probably a software bug because the conditions that cause it are high processor load when the processor multiplier is set to 14x or 15x (or high using IBM’s power manager). Under heavy constant load like doing a photoshop filter on a large file, the cursor jumps to the bottom midle of the screen directly above the hinge and “dances” or jumps back and forth and clicks uncontrollably.

Thankfully I found CHC or Centrino Hardware Control, a program from which can limit the processor multiplier to 12x and viola, the problem or haunted mouse is exorcised.

I’m working with IBM to identify the root cause of this problem, as others have confirmed the same issue or similar issues. Disabling the digitizer driver allows me to run at 15x but turns this thing into a regular laptop since the pen no longer works. For now I am living with a 1.2ghz in the shell of a 1.5ghz tablet which is a small price to pay.

Overall I am very happy with this thing. It’s lightwieght, about 4 lbs. Fast, secure and the screen is solid. The tablet os extensions for windows XP are solid and its found its way into every meeting to allow me to take notes in meetings, impress clients and customers and take it places I normally wouldn’t take a full computer.