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Introducing the IndiNexGen 4 Digital Press. Incorporating toner and ink in one full color plus up to 12 spot colors, including white, metallics and flouresents. The IndiNexGen 4 is capable of speeds in excess of 20,000 sheets per hour and can run any substrate from 10 lb bond to 24 point board stock. It’s maximum sheet size is unlimited due to a unique rollfeed and sheet feed dual head system which can stitch paper seamlessly together prior to entering the marking area. Finishing options are fully enabled in offline and online modes.
The IndiNexGen 4 is environmentally friendly with no waste as it is a completely closed loop system, recycling all byproduct back into the print process to produce the richest blacks and browns not available on other digital print devices. It does require a dedicated operator to run but is completely computer controlled with artifical intelligence to determine beyond spectrophotometry, what a color is supposed to look like. Instead of profiling the press, the IndiNexGen 4 is capable of profiling individual customers and apply those settings to each output.
It can take variable data from all sources, VIPP, VDX, PPML, HP SNAP, PDF, PS and any other language invented due to its universal “Babelfish” variable data package. Mainaintence is a snap using completely operator replacable units, including replacing the operator. It is powered by SPiDocuFierNexStaHarle DFE / RIP which can process any digital file and separate the ink from toner output plates and produce up to 16 color channels within seconds of the spooled file hitting the RIP.
Pricing has yet to be determined but the product will ship sometime in Q4 of some year, certain to block almost all other sales and overnight gain market share in the 80-90% range. Price per finished page will be less then all other devices today due to a unique pricing model in which the owner of the IndiNexGen 4 can buy all their clicks up front for up to 5 years and never pay another penny in support.
Manufacturing of the IndiNexGen 4 will happen on all 7 continents and due to its lightweight composite alloy material construction, can easily be shipped, overnight, to any customer. Questions or comments can be directed to this website. Stay tuned…

**Disclaimer** – Information regarding the IndiNexGen 4 can change at any time, any forward looking statements about the IndiNexGen 4 are provided without warrant or merit. Inability to understand sarcasm is not a failure on the part of this website to estiablish the validity of any information provided about the IndiNexGen 4. If you have gotten this far, you should really seek help, this is a disclaimer, so stop reading now.