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Our company, The Bureau just installed a Kodak Nexpress 2500 on Friday and I am totally impressed with Kodak.

It arrived before 7am, the techs were already there and had it off the truck and in place before 10am. They got it all together, plugged in, leveled, and almost ready to go before the end of day.

It is really an amazing piece of hardware. It is a bit smaller then the iGen3 which is across the room from it, but has 5 total colors, CMYK plus a clear toner or Red, Green or Blue.

I head to Rochester, NY for a week of training on the Nexpress 2500 which should be fun. We already sent 4 people to training and they all were impressed.

I can’t wait to see output off it and get digging into the rip and see how fast that is. Plus, when we get Prinergy up and running I can’t wait to see how easy that makes things.