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Well, still liking the Zune…? Might have to just stop looking for holes in it and realize that there is no perfect device or model for music out there.? They all have their ups and downs.

Smart / Auto playlists…? Seems to be a software on the PC only feature, as I can’t get the playlist to transfer over to the Zune.

Playlists in General… Can’t figure out a way to make any new playlist I create automatically sync to the Zune, have to manually tell it to sync each playlist.

Mac connectivity…? It does not show up on a mac as a hard drive.? System Profiler detects it as a Zune in the USB section.? Disk Utility is unable to mount it.

Video conversion / playback…? I made an H.264 and MPEG-4 video file and dropped them in my videos folder.? Synced the zune and watched the Zune software transcode each file to WMV for syncing to the player.

Syncing in General…? It doesn’t seem to sync, but actually convert to Zune DRM and standards.? This explains how they are restricting my own MP3’s with the 3 day, 3 play rule.

WIFI Sharing…? Still haven’t found another Zune to share with… Lonely ol’ Zune.

Subscription Model… I’m really liking this, because I am downloading albums and artists I would never pay 99 cents for.? I think of it as a Blockbuster or Netflix for music.

Battery Life… Seems good, not tested it to full drain but has been playing all day so far in the office and seems to be still showing a full charge.

Album Art… Seems fuzzy on the Zune, lots of compression artifacts, but coming from a BW iPod, nice to have anyway.

I’m installing the Zune player in parallels on my Intel PowerMac, I’m curious to see if this works…

Zune Player…? Seems slow to respond and overall sluggish, but bearable.

Overall, still very happy with my decision…? Lots of things to try and figure out.? Streaming to the Xbox 360 via USB cable was a nice surprise.? Full control from the Xbox over it was cool.