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Well, had my Zune for just over a week, and so far, so good…

Highlights, subscription plan seems to rock, download all I want, pay $15 / month.? Video is good once you convert the movies.

Low points…

  • Battery Life watching movies is about 3-4 hours depending on size of file
  • Take litterally forever to convert movies to WMV on sync, got to be a better way, right now using Super to convert my videos
  • Skipping of protected files while in the car or moving the player, think this has something to do with buffering and authorization database
  • Zune Marketplace is slow, software is slow, syncing is slow


  • Subscription plan for music vs buying songs (I’ve downloaded over 2,000 songs!)
  • Bigger screen for video
  • HD Hack to use Zune as HD seems to work well.? Got to trick it into RW but it seems to be fine.
  • Charging seems to be fast

Overall, need to get a power adapter and car adapter and maybe a few sync cables for work and home.? Can’t wait to see what will come of this Zune once the hackers get done with it.? I could never figure out why the hackers never went after Apple for the ipod, but hopefully they will target the Zune to bring more functionality albeit unofficial hacks.