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Never would have found this one on my own…

Make sure the Illustrator Appearance tab is visible and not closed.

Open Illustrator file with compound shape on an intel mac in CS 2 Mac OSX 10.4.8.
Select all, use pathfinder or type in a coordinate to move all.
Illustrator should crash… (not on powerpc’s it doesn’t)

Open Illustrator again, this time, close the Appearance tab… Relaunch Illustrator, and use pathfinder or type a coordinate on your compound shape and it won’t crash…

Also, copying a compound shape and pasting into a new document will crash Illustrator as well when teh Appearance tab is opened on close of Illustrator.

Wierd, wierd, wierd bug… Rule of thumb on intel macs running Illustrator CS2, don’t use the appearance window, and if you do, close it before Illustrator crashes, err you close Illustrator.

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