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Well, another year and another April Fools Day.

Nothing really to prank. Nothing really good online for prank announcements either.

Was hoping for a decent April Fools Day prank on WWE Wrestlemania 23 with Donald Trump vs Vince McMahon, but to no avail… HINT: Vince lost his hair, Trump walked out with his.

And on that note, yes, once a year I get WWE Wrestlemania.

 I’ve been watching Wrestlemania now for 23 years!!! I still remember the first one.

 Man where has time gone.

I remember going over to Tony Smith’s house and watching the PPV with his dad, and that was 23 years ago. Boy time flies.

Well, Nancy and the girls are visiting her parents this week so its solo this week.? Gonna watch the NCAA Finals tomorrow night and try to get a bunch of work stuff done.

With that, Happy April Fools Day.