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I really want to take on a side project (read, distraction from work) that gets me back into my theatre / acting background.

Thinking about doing an IPTV sitcom pilot.

Just need a concept, script, film crew, lighting, mics, actors, editing capabilities, distribution network, sponsors and what ever else I’m missing…

So, if you want to work with me on a yet to be thought of concept for IPTV sitcom that has no script, crew, or much of anything else, let me know!

Ok, in all seriousness…? I have access to lights, a decent camera, wireless mics, full Final Cut Studio editing suite, a couple of under used webservers to host the bandwidth…? So, just need a concept, a decent script, some actors and a few crew to make this all work. Of course a sponsor or two wouldn’t hurt to help fund this project.

So, if you are interested and in the Minneapolis area, post a comment and let me know.? I really want to do this.