Africa Puppy Scam – Beware! 17

Nancy (my wife) tried to find a goldendoodle on and emailed one that was apparently in MN. She got an email back from a account and said that they had one that went to a pastor. He needed to give the puppy back because he had to go on a mission to Africa. Gave his email (an account) and said to contact him. He responded and said he is looking for a good christian home and $400 to cover shipping. He had brought the dog with him to Africa since he couldn’t find anyone to take care of the dog.

So Nancy tells me all this, and I’m really excited because finding a good dog is tough. Except for the Africa part. I was talking to her on the way home from work and asked her to do a google search for Africa puppy scam and guess what, a ton of results of people being scammed out of lots of money. I get home and trace the emails and they both came from the same IP address in Africa. So I called the police and filed a report but that was ultimately useless. Contacted the news media to see if they are interested in the story, but I doubt it.

I’m going to assume that the email addresses are throw aways. But be careful out there.

Please spread the word so people don’t get taken by this new version of the 508 scam.

Rules for buying a Pet online:
1. Never buy online (ok that may not be a reality)
2. Ask to see the puppy in person (even though you may not be able to, test their answer, if they answer no visits, walk away)
3, Ask for photos of the puppy with your name or a pop can of your choice in the picture (so you know that the puppy actually exists)
4. Never send money via western union or money order. It is impossible to get back. Use paypal or a credit card or a check you can cancel.
5. Do research online, do google searchs, visit their website, search on their names, look for feedback
6. Ask for references of other pet owners from the breeder.

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17 thoughts on “Africa Puppy Scam – Beware!

  • Jessica

    I just had someone try and pass the same thing off to me. I had the breeder who recommended me to a pastor, I wish I had more info on this person!! I want to go ring their necks!!!

  • David Easterday

    Hi, if u think that is bad Iam trying to get money for my wife (kidney transplant- dialysis) and these scamers try to get me to send them money – when they send me a bogus check, and want me to keep $500 ,and western union somebody else $2500!!, of cores there check is bad,, it just ercks me that they wouild steel money from someone that needs a kidney transplant

  • lc

    i’ve been scammed. i’m out three hundred dollars and i’m without a puppy. can anyone tell me how to go about filing whatever report or what not.

  • julie

    scam !! HELP there is a man shawn willam
    trying to sale english bull dogs and will not let you pick them up OR SEE THEM from his home wants you to pay for the puppy and then ship it but he wants you to pay money gram or western union only. and he frist was in layfette indianna now he is in new castal pa. help viewer beware of this. please

  • Dez

    WOW this happen to me today I sent the lady $250 western union to africa because she was suppose to send me a puppy and today she emailed me asking me to send more cause the puppy was stuck in customs I told her no I couldn’t send her money. come to find out i was a scam I am sooo mad at myself for not being more carful. I never herd anything about this kind of stuff till today and now im out of $250 I wish i would have done better research

  • V

    They need to close the site down, I haven’t found one legit person on there. I certainly would not send money without physically seeing the dog. apparently this also has about 60% puppymill listin and 40%backyard breeder listing.
    I think the sit is ridiculous for staying live, it should be shut down since the site owner doesn’t care screen who post.

  • laura

    this website is a total scam. I sent a total of 650$ to someone in cameroon, Africa because someone told me they lived in winnipeg and asked that I send money to some people in africa, dumb me! I snet them money, and they tried asking for an additional 900$ to cover “flight insurance” I emailed back saying there was no such thing and that I wanted my money back-no answer now! But I got a cute puppy today-locally. shes adorable and I love her, the only mistake I made was sending money through western union-beware people, buy locally!

  • Angie

    Here ‘s another one, Guys name was Phillip Andrews. The breeders name was Jessica Coleman. Of course they were fake. Sent him an email telling him that I wouldn’t give my money up so easily without research!!! Told me $550 for both and $300 for one. Even called me from Africa!!!

  • Kendra

    I just had the same happen. Saw an ad in my local paper about puppies. Called said got called away to Africa to do missionary work, unexpectedly. Had the puppies in Africa with him. Used the name of Rev. Kenneth Maxwell. Gave them $250. to have pups sent back to me. Now get message. The pups are being held in London for $1200. worth of tax owed. Plus getting invites from same locations from men on My Space now. Wish I would have known I could search more than 1 word and get this many results back before all this.

  • cindy

    this is one of the scam sayings:

    and this is his email address
    Jim Bobby []

    Hello, Thanks for your interest in my pet.Am so sorry i couldn’t get
    back to you on time, The little puppy is still very much available for
    adoption. This little boy is potty trained and friendly with children
    he is fit in the palm of your hand.He is AKC registered puppy.Adorable
    and sociable with great Personalities and very good bloodlines.He is
    vet-checked, up to date on shots and deworming,and are health
    guaranteed.. All the papers will accompany the puppy.I resided in the
    state but after my son’s death me and my husband move to Africa and
    due to our work over here we don’t have time to take care of him and
    we have the puppy right here with us.we are going to ship to you via
    express delivery on next day delivery after shipment through a
    shipping agent,so if you are interested in having the puppy, I want
    you to get back to me with your full name, address including the
    nearest airport to you. Please if you know that you are not going to
    take very good care of my baby, do not reply me because I am giving
    him on adoption because of bad condition or anything I am only giving
    this puppy out because we don’t have time to take care of the puppy
    again due to the work before us here.he will be going for free so I
    will like you to get back to me with your full name and full address
    including your nearest airport and your contact phone number so that I
    can carry out the shipping.

    Name………………… Zack
    Breed………………. chihuahua
    Price……………….. Free
    Shipping Fees……….. $185.00 Usd
    Total cost………….. $185.00 Usd

    I will like you to get back to me with your shipping details below:

    Full Name:
    Current Address:
    Zip Code:
    Phone #:
    Nearest Airport Close To You:
    I await your quick response as soon as possible.Thanks

  • samantha

    omg!!!what is this world coming to.i have been scammed out of 900$.i posted and add in the clasifieds looking for a puppy.i had someone respond to me and say they had a puppy all i needed to pay was 90$ for the shipping crate.i said ok great.then they said ii had to pay a refundable insurance fee of 800$.like a puppy lover waiting for a new friend i did.this so called air port called me but after a day after i sent that money they changed their story to one of my men called out sick so can you change the money transfer over to my #1 cashier at the airport story.i did then they told me dont talk to thesender that he tryd to get the dog back.i did some research and found that the names they used were names of avenues in the such person.BEWARE OF THE CANADA/CAMEROON/CHURCH MISSIONARY GUYS.they wanted me to send 2500$ for some complication at the i told him i didnt have it he said "know be wise i know moneys not the problem" right then i knew it was a scam.i called the airport where the dog was suposed to be at there was no dog never was i havent responded back and they have stopped calling….i feel so dumb.

  • A Andre

    I am I believe currently trying to be scammed for two puppies in Africa what should I do, before I refuse sale to nail these people

  • ada

    Hey guys,
    I was just searching for a miniature schnauzer, and i found one online i emailed her and told me the puppy was still available, the email she sent me was just like Cindy’s the message above mines. She said she was doing missionary work, in Africa. I kind of believed her, but then I knew it was too good to be true. She gave me an email address for the shipping company, but it didn’t really look like a business website. So I asked her for a phone number, but I never called, I started researching and I found cindy’s message identical to mine. Be careful the pics she gave me were blurry and she goes by maureen jade, her email address is Be careful. I feel awful because she is lying about God, saying she is doing missionary work when she is just trying to rip people off. Just wanted to let you guys know.

  • mae

    I was scammed for $850. From Tenon Gibson,Kristin Dennison , Sandy White .I think she is in ohio ,If you can’t see the puppies in person then don’t buy. There are so many scammers out there it makes me sick. We have got to the word out , . Before you look for anything check them out on goggle. It is always Three dogs 2 females & 1 male Pray for these sick people.I don’t know how they have the heart to do this to any one. do not western union any money to africia. Never send money oversea because it is all a rippoff. I would never do this to any .I beleive the word of GOD .you will reap what you soe.

  • Amanda

    hey my mom was scamed in the newspaper someone posted free puppies and we have been looking 4 some 2. It turns out in the emails my mom sent and the guy sent back were Fake ha good thing she didn’t get to into it. be aware of mistakes. the puppies were boy and girl and in the eamil they just put HER no him or them. so be careful my mom also sent him an email asking if it was a scam and the guy didnt get back to her for a day she also asked for a fone number they guy emailed her back and gave her a fone number. her and her co worker she worked with googled it and found all the scams in AFRICA and read the exact same things that the guy sent to her so she has not emailed him back and doesnt plan to. So be CAREFUL!!!!!!!

  • margaret

    I was scanmmed for $850.00 about a years from Tenon Gibson and he uses different emails and had different people helping him . Never buy a dog from afracia , I talked to the law and western union and theres nothing then can do to get the back for you . buy from people local, I called alot of news channels and they put it on the news so no one would fall for this . THANKS MARGARET