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Nancy (my wife) tried to find a goldendoodle on and emailed one that was apparently in MN. She got an email back from a account and said that they had one that went to a pastor. He needed to give the puppy back because he had to go on a mission to Africa. Gave his email (an account) and said to contact him. He responded and said he is looking for a good christian home and $400 to cover shipping. He had brought the dog with him to Africa since he couldn’t find anyone to take care of the dog.

So Nancy tells me all this, and I’m really excited because finding a good dog is tough. Except for the Africa part. I was talking to her on the way home from work and asked her to do a google search for Africa puppy scam and guess what, a ton of results of people being scammed out of lots of money. I get home and trace the emails and they both came from the same IP address in Africa. So I called the police and filed a report but that was ultimately useless. Contacted the news media to see if they are interested in the story, but I doubt it.

I’m going to assume that the email addresses are throw aways. But be careful out there.

Please spread the word so people don’t get taken by this new version of the 508 scam.

Rules for buying a Pet online:
1. Never buy online (ok that may not be a reality)
2. Ask to see the puppy in person (even though you may not be able to, test their answer, if they answer no visits, walk away)
3, Ask for photos of the puppy with your name or a pop can of your choice in the picture (so you know that the puppy actually exists)
4. Never send money via western union or money order. It is impossible to get back. Use paypal or a credit card or a check you can cancel.
5. Do research online, do google searchs, visit their website, search on their names, look for feedback
6. Ask for references of other pet owners from the breeder.