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Just wanted to update my predictions and status of them 9 months into the year.

-Apple will launch a cell phone with iTunes built in via their own carrier network and feature data services

Happened with the launch of the iPhone, completed when the iPhone has the iPod touch wireless iTunes store.

-Apple will launch a tablet like laptop, possibly preloaded with Windows Vista

Not yet, probably won’t happen this year

-Apple will launch iTV not as a cable box / tivo replacement, but as a IPTV video on demand / subscription model

AppleTV launched, but no DVR or IPTV features. Still hoping, but it looks like Microsoft was first to the punch

-Microsoft will launch a Xbox 360 to Zune video transfer service, allowing Zune owners to transfer movies and TV shows easily to their Zune and back.

Not likely any time soon. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Microsoft can make this happen with the MPAA.

-Microsoft will launch Vista (duh!) and it will be very popular as you will not be able to buy a new computer without it installed (ok maybe linux will be on the desktop this year)

I missed this one. People are actually buying computers with XP still on it. Vista is a good platform, but suffers from too many problems that have taken too long to fix.

-Microsoft will launch a Zune enabled cell phone based on the windows mobile platform

Won’t happen this year, but rumors are running rampant about it.

-Microsoft will update the Xbox360 to include an HD-DVD player or atleast bundle the usb accessory at the same prices.

The Elite did come out but without the HD-DVD player in it. No bundle either, HD-DVD may die a horrible death, but with the external accessory model, the Xbox 360 could have Blueray.

-Cable modem and DSL speeds will increase dramatically in 2007 without the price going up significantly

Wishful thinking…

-Someone will offer al-a-carte TV download subscription model to compete with cable and satellite service

Downloading TV shows via BitTorrent or viewing them online at the network websites are as close as we get today.

-Blue-ray will die off or at least become the betamax to HD-DVD

Time will tell, but it looks like I got this one completely wrong

-Sony will write off the PS3, potentially selling it to Apple (wouldn?t that be great)

Sony is staying in it, for now, but no doubt the PS3 has been a great disappointment so far. Don’t count Sony out yet.

-Wall Street will hit all time highs

We hit 14,000, enough said.

-Google will launch an Operating System will all google applications

Nope, not yet, but they did improve google applications by adding StarOffice.

-We will finally find Osama bin Laden, probably in Pakistan

Still looking.

-Terrorists will try to attack us, but lets hope we are able to stop them and not drop our guard

So far, so good. Nothing major occured. Flying on 9/11 was an interesting experience this year.

-Mozilla Firefox will double its userbase and become the ?standard? browser for all web based applications.

It’s happening, slowly but surely.

So far, I’ve been about 50% accurate, but the year isn’t over.