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Just a quick update. Yesterday I had surgery for a right inginia hernia and the surgeon ended up finding several hernias once he opened me up. I have about a 5 inch scar from where he went in and repaired them.

I am doing ok with recovery. I’ve never had major surgery beyond a tosilectomy so not being able to sit up or stand without pain is a new concept. Last night was the worst, I made it up the stairs, thanks to my Vicodin, and into the bathroom, but I almost didn’t make it back to the bed before I got lightheaded.

It was a wierd sensation having the blood rush back into my head after laying down. It sounded like static and like I had headphones on playing white noise. Last night sleeping was tough, as I don’t sleep on my back, but was able to find a comfortable position on my side.

I’ve been laying in bed all day, finally got the energy to sit up. Took a shower and been catching up on email and my websurfing.

I am going to be laying low for the weekend, watching movies and tv shows and trying not to cough, sneeze, hiccup or jump unexpectedly, as they all cause me to have extreme pain.

My original plan was to go back to work Monday, but that will be really surprising based on how I feel today.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.