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Well, I was baching it for the weekend. Kids and wife were visiting the inlaws.

I worked on Saturday in the office and proceeded to upgrade to Leopard on my Macbookpro. Did a clean install and had to reinstall everything.

The only thing that didn’t work is Cocktail which won’t take my old serial number. Guess I’ll have to contact the developer.

I really like leopard on my mac. Everything seems faster. I also upgraded my hard drive to a 250 Western Digital Scorpio hard drive to get some more space. The upgrade wasn’t too hard, about 21 screws and a couple of pieces of tape.

The extra disk space allowed me to allocate about 70 gigs of it to bootcamp and install Vista as a test. The install was slow and painful, but once it was up and running it is very smooth.

Then I did the VMware thing in Leopard and it found my bootcamp partition and was able to get that working. It is slow, but manageable.

So I now have 2 fully functioning laptops in one. A mac and a pc.

Then, based on John’s hints, I decided to try out Visual Studio for web development and switch to ASP.NET and after playing around with it, I think I like it. It is so much easier and graphical, almost idiot proof. Just wish I didn’t have to run IIS to make it work.

I am now looking for php to converters, if such things exist. I have so much code in PHP and very little room in my head to learn another programming language.

Oh well. Happy New Year.