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Macheist 2 is live and 25% of the money goes to your choice of charities.

I already bought by bundle, I also did this last year. So if you have a mac and you want a great deal on some cool software for you mac, go to and buy the bundle.

You get the following software for $49.00:

1password $29.95
CoverSutra $22.00
Cha-Ching $40.00
iStopMotion $49.00
Awaken $12.95
Speed Download $25.00
AppZapper $12.95
TaskPaper $18.95
CSSEdit $29.95
Snapz Pro X $69.00
Pixelmator $59.00

All for $49.00!!! and 25% of that goes to charity!

What are you waiting for?