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This Tuesday Jericho is back. After a highly successful fan campaign to bring the show back from its hastened cancellation, Jericho is back for a short, 6 episode finale.

With the writer strike wrapping up, it is perfect timing for Jericho. If enough people tune into this great show and CBS gives it enough hype, maybe it will be picked up and some of those writers can loan some time to it for next season.

Let us hope that this isn’t the final ending for Jericho, but just a new beginning.

Chalk one up for the fans and the internet vs big studios. Niche fans are critical to a show’s success but money makes the tv world go round and the way tv shows make money is on advertising revenue.

So, put down the dvr remote during Jericho, watch it, and the commercials and don’t be surprised if Planters Peanuts sponsors the show 🙂 After the show is over, go out and talk about the show, on the internet, your blog, your facebook account, your myspace page, your watercooler at work because this is history in the making. The fans spoke and CBS listened, Jericho is back and now its time to show CBS that we (the fans) can bring ad revenue to the shows we like.

Now, let us just hope that the show doesn’t suck…