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Well, CBS finally did it, put the final nail in the coffin of Jericho.

We, the fans, were not able to keep it going, in fact, a significant drop (almost 23%) in fans didn’t help much.

The reality is this show didn’t have much more legs and the writer strike didn’t help much. CBS canceling the show isn’t a bad thing, at least they gave it a proper conclusion, if the rumors are correct.

My sources say there are two separate final episodes shot, one with another cliffhanger and one with a good conclusion to the series. I would expect CBS to air the good conclusion episode and save the cliffhanger for the inevitable DVD sales.

This series is best watched from beginning to end. I’ve DVR’d the whole season, thanks to repeats on SCI-FI and have watched all of them again and the story is very good as a mini-series, but unfortunately the newest episodes fail to hold up to the pace and story of the first season.

RIP Jericho, may you live on in DVD sales and online views… If CBS had anything hanging between its legs, it would put HD versions of the whole season on BitTorrent and allow us all loyal fans to have a copy of the show 🙂 But then again, 16 nukes might take out cities… I’ll bet on the nukes before I see legal copies of CBS TV shows on BitTorrent.

Oh well, at the end of it all, I’m out a couple pounds of nuts, a good story to tell and hopefully a well deserved ending to a good show.