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What a wonderful world we live in… Imagine if you will, Monday night, start of the 2008 NFL season. Lambeau field, 60,000 packer fans…

Voice comes over the PA system. Ladies and Gentlemen, for 16 years, this man has given Green Bay 2 superbowls, 11 playoff berths and never missed a game… Today, we retire the number 4. No one ever will wear a number 4 as a packer. So please stand and show your appreciation for Green bay’s own, Brett Farve.

Now, the fun part… Brett Farve walks to the center of the 50 yard line, shakes the hand of the owner, takes off his jacket and he’s still wearing a number 4. But the color is a bit different. It’s a purple vikings jersey. He grabs the mic and says the streak is still alive. He runs to the sideline of the Vikings and starts as the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

Millions of Green bay fans are heartbroken as they watch Brett Farve take the Vikings to the Superbowl and finally win a superbowl.

I said this could happen 3 weeks ago (not the superbowl part, but Brett Farve as a viking) and now it looks closer to reality then ever. By the end of the weekend we will know for sure, but if I were Tavaris Jackson, I’d be finding some comfortable seating to ride the bench and watch one of the greatest quarterbacks take a team down the road to the superbowl.

Only time will tell.