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Well, first attempt was on my Thinkpad w500 and that failed hard.  But it appears it was probably because of the switchable graphics card.

I installed the beta on my mac mini, which is the media center computer, and it works well.  Faster, but boot camp support for drivers is limited at best.  Hopefully Apple will come out with drivers soon.  One issue on the mini, after watching a movie in Media Center, media center crashes.

Since I didn’t get the w500 working with Windows 7, I did switch over to using that as my main computer, so that left the Thinkpad t61p to play around with.  Installed Windows 7 on the t61p was a snap.  Of course I had a bit of a challenge forgetting my dvd rom drive at the office in the docking station.  Thanks to my obsolete HD-DVD Xbox 360 drive, I was able to install Windows 7.

Install went well, most of the lenovo drivers installed fine, although I’d like to see more supported drivers, but that will happen at launch. 

I highly recommend anyone wanting to play around with the next desktop OS from Microsoft try Windows 7.  It is a much better experience than Vista, faster, easier to use and once released, the drivers and support will be much better ( I hope ).

Anyway, this post came from the new Windows Live Writer which is a great tool to post entries to many types of blogs.