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Simple question.  What is the McDonalds policy for telling someone at the drive through to pull ahead and wait?

This morning I ordered breakfast (my turn to cook) and with only one car behind me, who order basically the same thing as me, I was told to pull forward and wait.

A minute later the manager came out and brought the food, no one else was in the drive through.

I asked him why I was asked to pull ahead and why the person behind me got their food before me.  He just stood there, no answer.

I am guessing McDonalds has a policy to move cars through the drive through at a specific rate.  Moving a car ahead doesn’t count as a wait at the window.  So he pushed me through, gave parts of my order to the car behind me and met his quota (or at least caught up).

Moral of the story, don’t ignore your customers and treat them equal. It’s McDonalds, and he probably isn’t making a lot, but still he shouldn’t cheat the numbers at the expense of the customer.

Oh well, I’d love to find out what McDonalds policy is for moving a car to the waiting area.  Anyone ever say no?